Friday, February 19, 2021

Inezi "Rise" With New Song

"Rise" is a powerhouse! Arguably one of the hardest roots-reggae tracks to hit the air-waves since the start of the year." Sophia McKay.

Since our first introduction, NIPnews has absolutely no doubt that roots-reggae singer Inezi is a force to be reckoned with and we've watched him grow, consistently putting out music that gets better with every new song. His first release in 2021 is a heavy-sounding, drum and bass, roots-reggae, and dub-wise track called, "Rise" produced by Switzerland-based producer Addis Records. The producer's authentic rhythm and Inezi's soft tone, oftentimes, melodious vocals synchronizes as he effectively speaks on several topical issues as well as offered solutions.

"Rise" is a powerhouse! Arguably one of the hardest roots-reggae tracks to hit the air-waves since the start of the year. Its heavy beat has already sparked flames among several sound-system deejays (see review below) and is the ultimate hardcore, social commentary type of song one listens to when driving on the highway. The level of consciousness on this track makes it a hit in this writer's view, forcefully yet pleasant on the ears. 

Unity Sound Review "Big Tune or Big Flop"

Inezi is known for songs like Roots and Culture produced by Teflon Zincfence, Straight Away on the New Vision One Record label, Music is Life, produced by Pon Di Corners Records and Gold Mind Production, and Sorry Fah also produced by Addis Records.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Legendary Toaster Daddy U-Roy Dies at 78

As tributes pour in and news of the passing of his death trends across social media we at New Image Promotions would also like to pay full tribute to Ewart Beckford O.D., Daddy U-Roy, The Originator, September 21, 1942 - February 17, 2021.

The Jamaican Dancehall DJ Pioneers' musical journey began in the early 1960s. Inspired by Winston Cooper, aka Count Matchuki, also a Jamaican deejay in the era of Ska, Daddy U-Roy released his first single, 'Dynamic Fashion Way' back in 1969. In 1970, he went on to release, 'Wake The Town' and 'Wear You To The Ball' and would have established his reputation as The Originator of toasting over a micro-phone in Jamaica as a form of musical expression. This musical expression created by Daddy U-Roy became known as Dancehall deejaying which was subsequently introduced in the Bronx, New York by Clive Campbell aka DJ Kool Herc, a Jamerican DJ accredited for originating Hip-Hop music in the Bronx through his Back To School Jam in the 70s. Daddy U-Roy changed the paradigm when he recorded the 'Version Galore' album. His music and style garnered a huge following in the UK as he essentially paved the way for many deejays to become the Godfather of Dancehall and Hip-Hop. In 2007, Daddy U-Roy was awarded the Order of Distinction from the Jamaican Government for his contribution to music. 

On behalf of us here at New Image Promotions we extend our condolences to Daddy U-Roy's family, friends, fans, and our colleagues in the Jamaican Music Industry. Rest Well Our Jamaican Legend, Ewart Beckford aka Daddy U-Roy, The Origination, September 21, 1942 - February 17, 2021. R.I.P.

Written by: Sophia McKay


Friday, February 12, 2021

Marvin Binns Plans to Stick With Reggae

Since his re-emergence on the music scenes in 2019, Jamaican recording artist Marvin Binns recorded and released a mixture of reggae and dancehall music fusions to reassert himself in the music industry. Almost two (2) years in, he has taken the decision to stick with his own -- Reggae. I use to think I needed to fuse reggae with other genres and even tap into recording music in genres I personally love to make it more appealing to the fans. On this subject, I have had some interesting discussions too with colleagues but found myself having great admiration for the likes of Chronixx, Protoje, Lila Ike, and all the other Jamaican artists who are younger than I am for sticking it with reggae, fighting the odds and getting the attention they deserve." It's a tough fight sometimes but when they win they not only win big, they stand out!

For the year 2021 and beyond Marvin Binns seeks to captivate the hearts of all the supporters of authentic reggae music, as well as, join the list of proud Jamaican artists who are comfortably recording and striving to keep the genre always appealing to a younger audience. In keeping with such plans, he released his first track of the year called "Tell Me How" to a pleasantly surprising reaction.

Tell Me How, is a cover version of Snoh Aalegra's popping single, Dying 4 Your Love. It is relatable and trendy but when asked why he chooses a cover to make a statement here's how he explained it, "as I contemplated going all out reggae, a friend suggested that I should cover this particular track and once I hit the studio and started recording, I knew! There's a sense of belonging like it's mine, this is my genre, my music I identify with! This is really who I am and who I'm supposed to be." 

Though early in its introduction, the signs are favorable toward this latest song, 'Tell Me Howand Marvin Binns intends to stick with its reggae concept while making improvement whenever necessary. "I recently sat down to watch an inspiring interview with Damian and Steven Marley, Onstage with Winford Williams, and realize my music also has to be about purpose. I am a proud Jamaican, if other artists in other countries love and appreciate my music the way they do, and has successfully made a career out of it then my greatest challenge would be to prove to myself that I have what it takes to become successful doing my own music too.

Written by: Sophia McKay

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

"Prophecy" The Sounds Of Color" by Jah P

Jamaican born Hip-Hop/Reggae Independent artist Jah P launched his official music career with the release of his debut single entitled, "Prophecy" on January 10, 2020. The track dedicated to his late father, Barrington Gray encourages people of color and various denominations to call on God in whatever name or language in these troubled times, because "he loves us all, just the same."

Jah P resides in Los Angeles, California, and is musically inclined. His background can be traced back to growing up in Jamaica where he recalled he was always "in and around the company of popular artists and musicians alike." His father (an unsigned singer) a natural music lover could always be heard singing and listening to his favorites artists, the likes of Dennis Brown, Ken Boothe, Bob Marley, Alton Ellis, Junior Reid, Bob Andy, and Gregory Isaacs, (some of whom were his personal friends). Remembering his Dad, Jah P said, "music puts the warmest smile on his face" and of course, Jah P is also energized by the sounds of music. Living, in the tough community of Waterhouse in Kingston, Jamaica with family members like his cousin, Suku, a well-known producer, and artiste and member of one of the longest-serving Jamaican Dancehall band, Ward 21 and, close in proximity to the studios of King Jammys, Jah P personally witnessed the making of some of reggae and dancehall all-time hits of the 90s. 

After migrating to the United States at age 20, Jah P would soon realize he would have made his home in the heart of America's music and entertainment industry, Los Angeles. Already an ardent fan of Hip-Hop music when he lived in Jamaica, Jah P dream of seeing/meeting some of his OG's whom he would constantly listen to on his boom box and the most precious toy growing up as a boy. He recalled, "man when I listened to hip-hop music then it could be heard miles away in the neighborhood of Sterling Castle, Red Hills where I first lived during my early years. The music of Jay-Z, Mobb Deep, Scar Face, Outkast, Good Mobb, Redman, Keith Murray, Old Dirty Bastard, Wu-Tang Clan, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Eric Sherman, Smith, and Wesson blasted the air. I've been listening to these cats even before they became an item."

When asked why he waited so long to release a track, Jah P said, "time is the master, nothing was stopping me, I guess it just felt right when my father passedI told my Dad I was gonna sing this song and we laughed about it you know. We wrote it together."

Jah P is also a Chef and the founder of his Moss Up healthy drinks a business he almost single-handedly created and launched promoting the benefits of the main ingredient, sea moss. Like a new crave, Jah P Juices are quickly growing in demand and comes with a satisfying taste, plus fruity strawberry, blueberry, mango, and natural oats flavors!

Written by: Sophia McKay

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year

With each New Year we commit to resolutions where some we might have met, some we totally forgot and some we simply never got around to fulfilling. 
The optimistic side of us would have led us to make them in the first place and that same optimism has kept us living through the year until now, at this point, with anticipation of yet another. 

The year 2020 in many ways has been like no other, but that which it was never able to change or break within us is our will to stay alive. 2020's greatest challenges tested our faith, our strengths, and our will yet we managed to survive. 

So for this New Year 2021 with Faith, Strength and Will Power let's Survive!

Here's to a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2021 from us here at 

New Image Promotions!

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Pure Joy Seeing Admiral Tibet Join Sativa D Black 1 & Friends for a Cameo

Always connecting with veterans, Sativa D Black 1 recently shared a video of himself the veteran reggae artist Admiral Tibet recently when they both got stuck in a bar in Old Harbour, St. Catherine. "Is a joy to run into an artiste like Admiral Tibet whose powerful lyrics from the 1987 King Jammys produced, hit song, Serious Times, resonate with the times from then until now," Sativa said.

As Sativa and friends enjoyed a drink, they kept themselves entertained during the heavy rains which lashed the island leaving serious and catastrophic damages from flooding. The artists sang some of their favorite tracks and asked the veteran to sing something too and he did, watch!

Sativa D Black 1 hinted that he had been working on his debut album and even posted videos of himself in the studio with Turbulence and Teflon. We know he had announced a timeline earlier in the year that the album would have been released earlier but was reliably informed by his Manager, Charmaine Bailey that, "the pandemic has set back all plans relating to an album release date even though it is being worked on,"

Meanwhile, Sativa keeps his social media base entertained and informed by sharing cameo videos of some of the various activities he has been undertaking during the pandemic that has kept him active, fans can visit his social media pages @sativadblack1 to follow up.

Written by: Sophia McKay


Friday, November 13, 2020

Artist Sees Bright Future Ahead; Boost New 'Two Face' Single

Singer Marvin Binns has released his first official single from his independent Binnz Music label entitled, Two-Face. The track signifies the beginning of one of the reggae/dancehall crooner's dream projects and he explains to NIPnews his reason for dropping a single and not an album, "as the industry evolves there's so much to learn and the best way is by experience. This track is essentially a guide through the whole process of recording, distributing, and creating revenue." 

Although 2020 has been seriously rough on the global music industry, Marvin Binns like so many other artists and entertainers remain hopeful for a brighter future and passes the time and added attention on social media amplifying his base, "I have really seen improvement and is encouraged by it" he said. "I have been added to a number of playlists that I've never been on, I have been getting increased airplay across many radio network that has never played my music before and for the first in a very long time I feel really good about the direction my career is heading."

Marvin's popular tracks in rotation are Let's Get It On on Northside riddim, Blessings produced by Sunny Island Records, and Two-Face.  Regarding Statement Mixtape which was released ahead of the pandemic, he said, "I compiled this mixtape in order to give fans a body of my work to listen to. The tracks remain fresh and the feedback has been good so far. I truly believe the mixtape is a constant bearing my imprint and good enough for music lovers to understand what to expect of me. I can only get better" he concluded. 

Meanwhile, the newly released Two-Face single is frequently getting added to DJs playlists as it provides insight on trends Marvin had hope to learn about. Interestingly too, it is the type of song that gets some people edgy and some, unbothered.

Written by: Sophia McKay