Thursday, November 19, 2020

Pure Joy Seeing Admiral Tibet Join Sativa D Black 1 & Friends for a Cameo

Always connecting with veterans, Sativa D Black 1 recently shared a video of himself the veteran reggae artist Admiral Tibet recently when they both got stuck in a bar in Old Harbour, St. Catherine. "Is a joy to run into an artiste like Admiral Tibet whose powerful lyrics from the 1987 King Jammys produced, hit song, Serious Times, resonate with the times from then until now," Sativa said.

As Sativa and friends enjoyed a drink, they kept themselves entertained during the heavy rains which lashed the island leaving serious and catastrophic damages from flooding. The artists sang some of their favorite tracks and asked the veteran to sing something too and he did, watch!

Sativa D Black 1 hinted that he had been working on his debut album and even posted videos of himself in the studio with Turbulence and Teflon. We know he had announced a timeline earlier in the year that the album would have been released earlier but was reliably informed by his Manager, Charmaine Bailey that, "the pandemic has set back all plans relating to an album release date even though it is being worked on,"

Meanwhile, Sativa keeps his social media base entertained and informed by sharing cameo videos of some of the various activities he has been undertaking during the pandemic that has kept him active, fans can visit his social media pages @sativadblack1 to follow up.

Written by: Sophia McKay


Friday, November 13, 2020

Artist Sees Bright Future Ahead; Boost New 'Two Face' Single

Singer Marvin Binns has released his first official single from his independent Binnz Music label entitled, Two-Face. The track signifies the beginning of one of the reggae/dancehall crooner's dream projects and he explains to NIPnews his reason for dropping a single and not an album, "as the industry evolves there's so much to learn and the best way is by experience. This track is essentially a guide through the whole process of recording, distributing, and creating revenue." 

Although 2020 has been seriously rough on the global music industry, Marvin Binns like so many other artists and entertainers remain hopeful for a brighter future and passes the time and added attention on social media amplifying his base, "I have really seen improvement and is encouraged by it" he said. "I have been added to a number of playlists that I've never been on, I have been getting increased airplay across many radio network that has never played my music before and for the first in a very long time I feel really good about the direction my career is heading."

Marvin's popular tracks in rotation are Let's Get It On on Northside riddim, Blessings produced by Sunny Island Records, and Two-Face.  Regarding Statement Mixtape which was released ahead of the pandemic, he said, "I compiled this mixtape in order to give fans a body of my work to listen to. The tracks remain fresh and the feedback has been good so far. I truly believe the mixtape is a constant bearing my imprint and good enough for music lovers to understand what to expect of me. I can only get better" he concluded. 

Meanwhile, the newly released Two-Face single is frequently getting added to DJs playlists as it provides insight on trends Marvin had hope to learn about. Interestingly too, it is the type of song that gets some people edgy and some, unbothered.

Written by: Sophia McKay

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Rugged and Deadly Album is Here and Worth the Wait

In an article written by Jamaican Entertainment Editor Kevin Jackson, published Friday, September 11, 2020, for The Jamaica Observer Splash, Bramma, Mr. Rugged, and Deadly speak of his debut album, why it has been so long in coming, what the album title signifies, his personal journey prior to the release and the kind of work that went into it click to read 
Collaborations with Freddie and Stephen McGregor, Mojo Morgan (Morgan Heritage), upcoming artiste Zagga, Luciano, and Anthony B, the Riddim Force Executive Produced Rugged and Deadly album is more than expected and the type that grows on you.

When Bramma hit the music scenes with a track called "Heading To The Top" he was younger, fresh on the scenes, and excited about popularity. He made an imprint which leads him to explore the Jamaican music culture, then several years later, creates an album that pretty much sums up his experience over the years and the direction in which he now chooses moving forward.

Rugged and Deadly album is almost perfect coming from Bramma, with quality production, collab choices, expression, and arrangement, it is right to say this independent reggae/dancehall artiste has done well putting out this project. 

The sixteen tracks, three skits, and four music videos already released depicting a clear storyline can be enjoyed by all demographics of roots, rock, reggae music fans. Freddie McGregor, Anthony B, and Luciano adds depth to the arrangement of the album, with Freddie and Anthony B embracing today's Dancehall. On the other hand, Mojo Morgan and Stephen McGregor engage Bramma in conversations on social, topical issues. The African continent must be mentioned in any conversation having to do with black lives which is the vibe behind 'Africa' featuring Luciano, and of course, whining down, Bramma is off on a 'Sensie Ride' closing out with Zagga on "Wi Deya."

Rugged and Deadly is quite the album, and sits well among the other impressively entertaining albums heard so far this year. Jamaican reggae and dancehall artistes have stepped up their game. More time and effort is being put into production, content, expression, and creativity where needed, complemented by some exciting fusion of other music genres that intertwines with the original late 70s through 90s reggae and dancehall signature sounds. Listening one whole podcast of female dancehall or reggae artistes only, irrespective of content is a stepping stone for the music. Reopening the music entertainment industry is looking more and more prospective while, Bramma's Rugged and Deadly album is poised for breaking yet another hardworking entertainer from the local industry.

Written by: Sophia McKay

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

September Release For Bramma's Album

In somewhat of a sobering tone Bramma aka BrammaGGOD announced on his Instagram page that his long-awaited Rugged and Deadly album is finally completed and will be officially released September 11, 2020.

Bramma posted his album cover and tracklist to the delight of fans many of whom congratulated him. Executive Producer of the album Riddim Force Records and distributor VPAL Music also posted the album cover and tracklist on their respective pages. 

The nineteen track compilation boasts major features by Mojo Morgan (Morgan Heritage), Steven and Freddie McGregor, Anthony B, Luciano the Messenjah and, the promising artist Zagga. Bramma also thanked producers Steven McGregor, Emudio Records, Tvch Point Music, DJ Smurf, German base producer Sensi Movement, and DJ Nico citing, "we made one for the books one that exudes our culture to the fullest, something timeless a masterpiece so thanks." Arranged by Bramma, Rugged and Deadly comes in a three-part storybook audio series with skits at the beginning of each new segment. Each track is reflective of one of Bramma's many moods and ways of making music to appease his diverse fan base.

Written by: Sophia McKay

Monday, August 3, 2020

Visions of Rasta's Paradise

"visions of Rasta's Paradise"
When Jamaican singer Vernal Sage teamed up with one of reggae music's pioneer, Mr. Boris Gardner, he was so excited to work with him he said, "after my friend Norman aka Azee gave me 6 love in a domino game he concluded I stick with making music as he was impressed with my songwriting ability. He got me linked up with Boris, the rest was history, the man is a maestro!" 

Vernal Sage, along with musician Donovan Downer from the Fab Five reggae band and Boris got together to launch their first project, a single entitled “Rasta’s Paradise” on Boris's Bronco Label. Boris Gardner in an interview with DJ Kat on Jamaica's KLAS FM station shared how he felt when he heard the song for the first time he said, "I liked the song the first time I heard it and as I listened I said it's a nice song I just need to straighten out a few verses and submit the second set of lyrics, so he agreed with me and he went home and sat down and the next day he came with a new verse." Joking he added,  "I said I didn't know that he was a poet also!" Click here to listen to the full interview.

Rasta’s Paradise is the inspiration behind a book that was written by Caribbean Author K. Shawn
Harris entitled, Reggae Superstar. Vernal Sage said, "It is a special request by the author himself to have the song written and recorded as ‘title track’ for the Reggae Superstar storybook content.

Vernal Sage hails from the parish of Westmoreland, in Jamaica, an old-schooler in music, his early musical influences were Ernest Wilson and Cocoa T, his neighbor, and friend from the district of Rocky Point in Clarendon where they both resided and where he harnessed his dream of becoming a Jamaican entertainer in his formative years.

Vernal Sage emerged once again onto the music scenes in June 2020, with his new single, Rasta's Paradise, a new music career, and, with new and exciting ventures to further indulge reggae music lovers.

Written by: Sophia McKay

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