Sunday, October 13, 2019

"You Got Me" This Is It Marvin Binns

Marvin Binns 2019
Jamaican singer/songwriter Marvin Binns has advanced onto the next level in his career with the release of his latest song entitled, "You Got Me" produced by Sunny Island Records.  The track, a fusion of RnB, Afro-beat and dancehall styles instantly made favourable impact on social media when the Ambition crooning singer dropped the preview. 

Over the past few months, Binns has been busy in the studio working on "Statement" EP to appease fans with free access to a body of music by the soulful recording artist. "Statement" EP is now out on SoundCloud featuring 5 fun and exciting tracks every music fan would enjoy.

But as fans get into this EP that was gifted to them in an appreciation the Marvin Binns team prepared for the release of this smash single, "You Got Me" to intentionally raise the bar for their own expectations of Marvin's music from here on. 

When NIPnews asked why this song is so special Marvin Binns said, "this song is honest in every way, it's on the next level. It is a true experience with me and a young lady that gave me the idea for the longest time but I just wanted to find a way to articulate it in the right manner. So I took my time to bring it across so that people could be receptive and have a better feel of it I kinda mix the different genres to appeal to a broad base and so far you know I mean, it's like everybody is loving it and I'm feeling proud of my work."

Sunny Island Record label is also basking in the positive reception the track is getting as it is the label's first official production with Marvin Binns. Label boss Brilliant said of the inspiration behind the riddim, "Candy Rush riddim was created to bring a mixed vibe to the dancehall audience specifically targeting the women. I wanted something that will divert the attention of thug and war music to rekindling a vibe to make the ladies feel good about themselves." 

'You Got Me' by Marvin Binns is essentially different. It is soft, soulful and rugged at the same time. It is music that appeals to a broad audience and ignites a feeling of happiness when listening to it. Everybody loves to love and this is what 'You Got Me' is all about. 

Written by Sophia McKay

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Sativa D Black 1 Performance in Canada plus New Single ft. Iyara

Sativa accepting his award
For a second consecutive year Charmb Production roots reggae recording artist Sativa D Black 1 and Manager, Charmaine Bailey-Smith have been awarded at the Youth In Progress Awards show in Canada receiving, an International Awards of Merit and, Excellence In Music Award respectively.  

Sativa D Black 1 was invited to perform live ahead of receiving his award and did a good job at entertaining the Canadians. Sativa's grand entry on stage always set the tone for an interesting performance. Hopping across the stage, Sativa opened his set singing Boardhouse and Zinc Fence to the delight of the audience some of whom sang along with him word for word. In a quick pause between track Sativa told the audience, "anywhere mi guh, mi entertain, mi educate that's the way I live.." he said.
YIP 2019

The St. Catherine born Jamaican performer Sativa D Black 1 went on to sing his popular Petty Thief song which drew another hyped applause  and a few other tracks before exiting stage but not before explaining his short set to the audience,  "wul heap a other artists dey yah so mi nah stay long....caz mi waan go siddung and have mi drink and tek in di other artists dem."  A fan of his own fans Sativa D Black 1 shared his journey to Canada live on Facebook. He also met with Canadian Reggae artist Exco Levi for a chit-chat. 

Sativa D Black 1 recently released a single featuring Dancehall artist Iyara called "Hard Ears" on the Charmb Production label. Recently at the Marcus Garvey celebration in Ocho Rios hosted by reggae radio Irie FM, both Sativa D Black 1 and Iyara received huge encores when they performed the track from a crowd obviously excited to see Sativa perform. "Hard Ears" is a mind-blogging song that mimics the subconscious thoughts of an incarcerated person's message to his mother after committing a crime. 'Hard Ears' is out now on all digital platform.

Written by Sophia McKay

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Shaka Pow Doctor/Artist Claims Innocence Clears Name

"I denounce all acts of violence including sexual violence especially against minors" Shaka Pow

In this fast paced technological era it is easy for anyone to be tarnished by irresponsible, untrained methods of reporting without verification of facts. Medical Practioner Dr "Garth McDonald claim his innocence and is seeking to clear his name after an unfortunate report of rape against a minor surfaced on social media with his photograph depicted as the person of interest, "I was not on the island at the time of the alleged incident" he told NIPnews, "I am not a suspect, I was not questioned by police at any time. We will be taking legal actions to remove the content from the internet and sue for defamation of character seek the appropriate compensation for such. It could happen to anyone."

The alleged incident of rape against a minor by a doctor was reported and broke the local news. Shaka Pow who had returned to the island said, "I willing went to Cyber Crime and CTOC to report the attack on my image post by a vlogger September 9, 2019. CTOC is counter terrorism and organised crime investigation branch. I denounce all acts of violence including sexual violence especially against minors."

Also a recording artist Shaka Pow released a single entitled "Love God" featuring Heather Cummings in a silent protest against the act and show of innocent and character against the crime. Check this out!

Written by Sophia McKay

Monday, September 16, 2019

Marvin Binns Re-Surface with "Ambition"

Marvin Binns 2019
Jamaican recording artist Marvin Binns released an exciting but motivating track called "Ambition" produced by WAV on the Generation Z riddim. The reviews are great and have re-energized the usually laid back Marvin Binns new levels, "I'm feeling so good about the vibe, Seanie B on BBC 1Xtra premiered it, then Waggy T on 99 Jamz been playing it and Irie FM Jamaica's number 1 reggae radio station been playing it too. This is quite motivating for me to be honest" he said 

Marvin has released a number of tracks since the start of the year that are now getting heavy rotation on radio. Tracks such as, Don't Hold BackWaist Line ft. Brasko Don produced by Kingston City Music GroupNah Come Soon and a track called "Say What" by fellow reggae/dancehall artist LockIt. 

Marvin Binns is known and respected within the industry most for his harmonious vocals. He has toured the Caribbean and US with popular dancehall artist Kranium leaving an indelible mark on the minds of fans when he performed at Amazuru Concert Hall in New York where he delivered a stunning rendition of Bitty McLean's Walk Away From Love and, West Palm Beach, Florida opening for Dexta Daps to screaming ladies. 

The talented, melodious and soulful singer enjoys performing old school tracks by greats such as Bitty McLean, Bob Marley, and Dennis Brown to name a few. His naturally soulful vocals has placed among some of the most talented Jamaican artistes now.  As Marvin Binns carved his own niche in the industry with his impactful sounds there is absolutely no doubt that his trajectory course in music from here on will seemingly be nothing less than successful.  A truly talented singer and performer, pleasant to listen and to know so we are inviting you to keep up with his progress following him on social media @marvinbinnsmusic

Written by Sophia McKay

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Is Foota Hype Purpose Driven Or Attention Seeking?

If you don't stand for something, you fall for anything.

One of Jamaica's music industry most controversial selector, popularly known as Foota Hype, the self-titled Viral King has been called out on several occasions for speaking his mind on topical issues most people believes he should at least withhold his opinion. However, Foota Hype in his own defense said he is only doing what is right and stand his ground because "I'm doing God's work" he said. Suffice to say Foota Hype denounce Jesus Christ as the true God as in his belief the story of Jesus was construed to mislead those who believe it.

His blatant and unapologetic views have wrought many persons but on the contrary, Foota Hype has been applauded for his bravery to publicly speak on the issues he addresses by many of his followers. Women, men, and even children tune into his Instagram live story daily, one woman said, "I have two sons and every evening when he goes live I call them to sit with me as I believe it is important that they learn a thing or two from him," she told NIPnews. But is Foota Hype just a concerned, purpose-driven individual who has seriously taken on the mantle of speaking on important issues that are mainly affecting Jamaica and the Jamaican music industry or, is he an imposter doing it all for clout?

Foota Hype to many might sound-off his views in an aggressive tone at times but no one can disagree that his messages are quite clear.  His beliefs often reflect the harsh realities of society which many are supportive of but afraid to speak on publicly. As it relates to the Jamaican music industry, Foota Hype concerns are deep-rooted as the now affects the future of an already fragile industry. Issues which should also be concerning for every Jamaican especially those like himself who earn their living from an industry where the objective (like all other) is to make money and collectively secure the product/brand for generations to come.

More and more it has become clearer that by society's standards many have accepted
what was once deemed wrong to now be right and likewise, fake to be okay. Hence in such a scenario morality within society is seemingly gone with the wind. Where this trait is normal and as it relates to the Jamaican music industry one begs to ask the questions:-
  • What will there be to preserve in the future, which culture?  Culture meaning, the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social groups. 
  • What element of the Jamaican music culture has stood out over the years? 
  • Who listens to reggae music the most and why?  
  • Why is reggae and dancehall music so impactful on the rest of the world?
Some of the topical issues discussed by Foota Hype to be resolved are not inconceivable to the average person who understands the far-reaching and long term effect of it all on an unruly society. In fact,  education withheld and driving interest to read and research independently has been strategically imposed upon generations for years. Foota Hype, however, and others like him who choose to speak out on some of the issues are displaying a level of self-confidence which re-embark upon the process of self-discovery that is expressed by the evolution of a people's culture.

Collectively, founding artists of Jamaica's Reggae music created out of similar circumstances many years two unique genres but likewise, collectively and many years later, generations following have destroyed and is still destroying much of those gains made. This period might just be that time when a clear distinction is needed to be made between reggae and dancehall music originating from the 60s when Jamaican music
expressed Jamaica's culture that embraces the African culture to a new genre(s) that has moved away from its African heritage. One writer captured the essence of the transitional period then, "It is fascinating to note that the artists themselves have sprung from every walk of life and share a remarkable camaraderie and community of interest. During the 1960s the field of popular music which used to be completely derivative, ranging from adaptations of The Mikado to an almost stupifying appetite for exact renditions of the songs, styles, and variations of leading American pop singers, has shown hopeful signs of indigenous vigour." While contemplating, remember the resounding words of the great Marcus Mosiah Garvey, "A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without root.Foota Hype might not be everybody's favourite guy and understandably so but he is most certainly getting the attention of like-minded folks who applaud him for his bravery and determination to speak on sensitive issues, "people just need leadership" he told NIPnews. That said, it is rather convincing that Foota Hype is indeed serving his purpose be it harsh or painful to acknowledge.

Sophia McKay