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The Review - Inezi Pain and Pleasure

Contributed - Balance is the word I would use to describe this ' Pain and Pleasure' EP by Inezi . With relatable topics, the EP explodes open with ' Refuse to be You ' an upbeat rhythm with lyrics describing social issues and introducing Inezi's irregular sound, can it get any more real than this? The opening track ' Refuse To Be You ' sets the tone for the EP , keeping you in suspense about where Inezi will carry his voice-over of these beautiful melodies. 'Scatter Me Now' forces you to connect with your emotions and search your personality; making sure that your integrity is intact. Inezi delicately rides the rhythm while his voice gently blends with the musical tones. Yes, this EP has me excited! Excited for the new sound, excited for the content of meaningful lyrics, and excited for the opportunities that will become available to the artiste upon the release of this EP . Over a roots/dub rhythm ' Blame Me ' exposes thought-provokin
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Inezi Receives High Praise for Pain & Pleasure EP

Navigating his life through some challenging times, Jamaican reggae/roots artist Inezi therapeutically channels his emotion through music. Known for hard-hitting tracks such as African Proverbs , Roots & Culture, Rise, Sorry Fah and Straight Away, Inezi switched mode to create an impressive body of work proving that over the years, despite the challenges he managed to mold and fashioned his career in a very satisfying way . On his quest to obtain proper representation Inezi met Huey Gowdie of Global Beat Studios in 2021 and took the decision to become an official member of the Label in 2022. N ow the soft-spoken but riveting entertainer is ready to present his first official EP entitled, Pain and Pleasure produced by Global Beat Studios, to the world. The six (6) track EP opens a vortex to his soul as he chooses to reveal his most vulnerable side on the tracks. Refuse To Be You , Skatter Me Now , Blame Me , On It, Fine Wine , and Higher  show off his soothing vocals, clarity,

When An Artist Name Change Is Significant

Zzambo While some entertainers randomly change names and pay little or no attention to the  significance of names, others are quite serious about naming themselves, especially if it affects their brands. In any case, the possibility of losing support in order to gain even more support is risky and even more so if the name one decides to change is already popular. In 2021 Jamaican reggae/dancehall artist Agent Sasco took the decision to change his stage name after 15 years from "Assassin" and received much disapproval from his fans. Some believed he made a grave mistake but in his defense, however, Sasco in an interview said the name had become problematic . Clearly, the name change was indeed a great move for the artist even after 15 years in the business but some people just could not understand the significance. Speaking on the issue in an interview Agent Sasco went on to explain that changing the name was, " necessary because "Assassin" couldn't grow in

Preserve The Culture Save The Music

April 13th, 2022 -" We don't need division, confusion, and ridicule, we are the future we must survive."  I certainly don't need to listen to the radio to hear the latest music or become a fan of any veteran artiste to know what's going on in the world of music. My respect, admiration, and appreciation for the success they have had are enough! However, as youngsters, we most definitely need to figure out an appropriate name for our music and harness our culture so that we can sustain the legacy left us by our forefathers as we soar to greater heights"     ~ Kingpin~   Not only did it take a misleading headline to remind us of one of social media's greatest drawbacks, the fact that people don't read enough anymore but also; begs the question of whether or not the Jamaican music industry is capable of managing the challenges music industries now face. The conflicting discussions which transcended from Billboard's creation of an Afrobeat Chart, two  

Marvin Binns Annoyed at Lack of Phone Privacy

On the subject of phone privacy and whether it's acceptable or not for spouses to access it of their own  will, singer/songwriter Marvin Binns got in the conversation, lamenting an experience unfavorable to his male counterparts on Passcode,  his latest single .  The song which follows a video inspired several interesting interviews for Marvin who found himself having to defend his male counterpart. The singer is once again feeling himself as is many of his peers since venues are reopened and events start streaming. He performed a few gigs and has been working on new music and videos for future releases.  " Passcode " is quite the 'everyday issue' between couples go check out YouTube @marvinbinnsmusic channel and be sure to leave a comment after watching.

The Doc and Tha Dr. Beenie Man Shaka Pow No Love Antidote Revealed

The Doctor Beenie Man and Dr. Garth "Shaka Pow" McDonald has an antidote for no loving which they sounded off on their brand new collaboration entitled, "No Lovin" produced by Chris Thomas of IWAAD Music, Executive Produced by Shaka's Outfytt Record label. Chris Thomas came up with the concept for the song after hearing both Beenie Man and Shaka Pow tracks on the Reggae Party Rythm and pitched the idea to the artists. When asked how it was working with Beenie Man, Shaka Pow said, " Beenie perfect cuz him flexibility and energy as an artist ever ready to work and do it fi the music is a hallmark of  Moses undercelebrated. He has done a lot for the culture, producers, promoters, sound system, and fellow artist ." Shaka Pow is an ardent supporter of Beenie's one time rival now very good friend, Bounty Killer, and has publicly supported Bounty on many of his charitable and other efforts so he was quick to distinguish his respect and support for both a

Jamaican Dancehall Artist Spice Latest "Go Down Deh" Song Hit Like A Pandemic

On the brink of the world's re-opening from the devastating effects of the 2020-2021 COVID-19 pandemic, Jamaica's Queen of Dancehall, Spice , hit with a major collaboration entitled, "Go Down Deh" featuring reggae/dancehall superstars Shaggy and Sean Paul . The song trended at Number 1 worldwide for a week up to the time of this publication making Spice the first female Dancehall artist in recent times to hit this milestone. Interestingly, Go Down Deh surpassed all odds in the midst of a plunging reggae/dancehall music industry that has suffered a major setback over the past year.  Both Shaggy and Sean Paul are also enjoying this major success but have whole-heartedly been more supportive of their female counterpart. The Jamaican music industry has suffered insurmountable trials over the years but, to date, the effect of the pandemic is probably its greatest test. Like hope,   Spice  ' Go Down Deh' song featuring Shaggy and Sean Paul  has turned the tides