Friday, June 21, 2019

Bramma Slams Producer "God Don't Like Ugly!"

As Bramma puts the finishing touch to his upcoming all reggae album he's making every effort to appease the fans with exciting tracks and warns, "some a di producer who forget who did help dem when dem was nobody, God don't like ugly"

 The G.G.O.D Records leading artist told NIPnews "It's just amazing how me establish longstanding work relationship with some real youth inna music who me meet along me journey compared to dem wey me and dem start out the same time and mi use mi likkle ratings dem time deh and help dem out, now mi can't even call dem" he said.  Very confident in the future of his music career Bramma said he has been following some news item and find himself in agreement with some issues Foota Hype and Laden been calling out, "mi nuh want a man feel sey mi a beg fren publicly dem fi kno a bun mi a bun dem out publicly!"  

Bramma said recent travels to the UK and US reminded him of how far-reaching his music is and the fact that he has loyal fans, "Inna Miami wha day fans a come up to me and big me up a tell me dem love the new ting dem and a sing wey dem like. When me hear dem ting deh a suh mi know mi good, jus gwaan work Bramma," he encouraged himself.

Recently, Sweet Music Production and DJ Smurf dropped their latest project, the Still A Live riddim featuring Masicka, Dexta Daps, I-Octane, Bramma and more. Bramma's "Stay To Myself" track off that riddim solidifies his willingness to make brand BRAMMAGGOD and his independent G.G.O.D. Record Label a force to be reckoned with.

Maintaining consistency in production quality as heard on others tracks now in circulation such as Stevie WondaEnemyDelilah and Wine and Show It is among a list of priorities for Bramma, "this has been a major concern for me looking back but being at the helm now changes everything," he said

Music fans can look out for new tracks soon to be released such as, Beauty and The Beast which is a follow up to his 2017 popular, Jazmine track, "Talk To Mi" and Skeleton. "We out here putting work in," he told NIPnews, "mi just waan dem producer deh fi kno water caan boil without fire!" as for what to expect of him from here on Bramma responded,  "Mi inna mi comfort zone and getting better every day suh di fans just need fi keep up, G gad!."  If you want to keep up with the self-titled gorilla god lock in @Brammaggod on Instagram  @youtube / Bramma Gorilla  

written by Sophia McKay

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Introducing D' East - Easy and Hol a Vibe!

D' East
Emerging dancehall artiste Dominic Murdock aka D' East is definitely one to keep your eyes on. 

The fast-rising star recorded his first song "Haterade" at his home with just a microphone and software called Acid Pro. Initially, he went on to work with producer Markus Myrie, son of reggae icon Buju Banton and recorded tracks such as "Grades", "Work and Party" feat. Flexxx, "Quick N Easy", "Dem Strange", "Di Highest" to name a few.

D'East has also worked with producers Dre Day and Kris Beatz and has released  "Di Firey 1" mixtape which subsequently became a fan favorite. The name D'East in reflection means, the sun that rises in the east and figuratively, the son whose aim is to rise in splendor to new heights.

Music is not only about making rhymes it creates harmony and means of educating and instill positivity on young, impressionable minds. With a natural drive to make music coupled with determination, D' East is well on his way to staking his claim in the Jamaican music industry. 

His strong vocals and vivacious personality have warmed the hearts of fans all over. As he continues to grow D' East has found his niche and is certainly one of the promising reggae/dancehall artistes to look out for. Follow @deastmusic on Instagram and get acquainted.


Krvcialggod Clean to his Step for Debut Performance at DanceJa Recently

GGod recording artist Krvcial recently gave an impressive debut performance at Dance Jamaica in Kingston. The easy-going, contemporary dancehall artist used the spotlight to show off his prowess in a highly competitive dancehall music arena. 

Krvcial who landed a feature in the Jamaica Star recently and expressed his confidence in making it big due to the musical influence he has around him. He also promised a mix-tape which he told NIPnews is still being worked on as he continues to promote, "Rocket" a track off the Silent Ocean riddim produced by G3k Music Production and released earlier this year.

The self-claimed non-traditional Dancehall/Reggae artist embarked on his musical journey while attending St. Andrew Technical High school between 1997 to 2001. An ardent music lover he found himself flipping lyrics of icons Bounty Killer, Spragga Benz, and Mad Cobra to the delight of those who heard him.

Krvcial recalled being told he had some 'crucial' lyrics hence his name which was intentionally spelled "Krvcial" to be different.

Throughout his career span, Krvcial has recorded tracks such as Have Dis and Man A Gorilla,  G.G.O.D. featuring Bramma, Yuh Life Sort Out, Tek Nuh Talk and Jah Guide and "Kill Dem" featuring X-Files. Go follow @krvcialggodalmighty on Instagram for updates on the promising dancehall artiste.

Written by Sophia McKay

Tafari Touts New Collaboration with Vybz Kartel

Jamaican recording artiste Tafari and son of one of the reggae/dancehall industry's foundation artiste Big Youth, will be releasing his collaboration with Vybz Kartel, June 21, 2019, entitled "Wood in the Fire." The track he said is for the fans but working with Vybz Kartel represents longstanding respect between two artists who have held their own over the years. "Even without my knowledge Vybz Kartel always had my back and I respect him for the wiz he is in music," he told NIPnews. 

Tafari never stopped recording but was never too quick to release his music. "I put time and effort into my work," he said. "It's a never-ending process plus becoming a Dad has taken my life in wondrous new directions." 

When asked if he plans to rap again he said, "music is my passion and I feel like I am now recording in my comfort zone so the fans can expect more of this type of music, as for me rap I can't away with it a suh the thing starts." Keep up with Tafari @tafarionline on Instagram and get a drift of what's coming on this new track. "Wood In The Fire" by Tafari ft. Vybz Kartel below:-

Written by Sophia McKay

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Shaggy's Continued Awe-Inspiring Commitment to Improve The Children's Hospital in Kingston

In an interview recently "On Stage" with Winford Williams aired on Television Jamaica, Grammy winning superstar Shaggy reveal the 2019-20 project for The Children's Hospital. According to Shaggy the new CAT Lab and Cardiac ward are about to be opened at the hospital which he has been making donations through the Shaggy Make A Difference Foundation since 2001. Plans are now underway to increase the ICU from a five (5) bed facility to, "at least a ten 10 bed facility with the help of Shaggy and Friends" he said.  Interestingly, the ICU facility has totally exhausted its permitted land space. Shaggy therefore explained how his team has moved toward acquiring additional land to extend the facility in an awe-inspiring way watch video clip below:-
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The full interview can be seen here click "On Stage" with Winford Williams 


Tuesday, April 23, 2019

BrammaGGod Strike Again!

Bramma gorilla god (BrammaGGod) is back! Enjoying waves of support from fans and the media since going independent. Fans and djs alike have been hitting him up once again, sharing video clips and sending love and encouragement. With over 130 recorded and released songs since the start of his career, the resurgence of some of his older music across social media and constant rotation of a couple tracks off his "One A Day" EP released in 2018 are encouraging signs for the artist future.

BrammaGGod formerly, Bramma Di Bomma and Bramma Di Gorilla is working on his debut, reggae album which will feature three major local and international reggae artists. Since the start of the year he has released tracks such as the popular, "Stevie Wonda" off the Silent Ocean riddim produced by G3k Music, "Delilah" off the Limited Edition riddim produced by Emudio Music and also features tracks by Mavado, Jahmeil and Chino, "Enemy A Enemy" (street music) and "Wine and Show It" produced by Tvchpoint Music and Producer Ben Ford.

BrammaGGod operates under his own GGod Record label which manages contemporary dancehall artist KrvcialGGod who has also released a track off the Silent Ocean riddim called "Rocket". This song has ricocheted, hitting stations in the UK and garnered favorable support across social media.

The self-titled gorilla god is happy about the career shift he is experiencing in just a few months of managing his career he said, "I am humbled. It's me now at the helm and I am happy and thankful to everyone for the support I'm getting. I am also comfortable because I get to experiment with my ideas. I'm learning as I go along but enjoying it." 

To keep up with BrammaGGod follow on Instagram @brammaggod @brammaggodofficialupdates @ggodrecords and @newimagepromo Facebook @brammaggod and @ggodrecords or, contact

Written by: Sophia McKay

Monday, March 25, 2019

Singer Marvin Binns Relaunch His Career With New Singles and An Acting Role

Jamaican contemporary Dancehall artist Marvin Binns has embarked upon a re-branding process and has relaunched his career at the beginning of 2019 with new singles for the ladies showing off his smooth, sultry, melodious voice.

No stranger to the industry and bouncing back after a two year hiatus, Marvin Binns  sought to remind music fans of his journey before, "I was mostly doing openings for popular Dancehall artist Kranium in the states and other artists across the Caribbean" he told NIPnews.

Back now with singles "Nah Come Soon" that got Miami's 99 Jamz DJ Waggy Tee and BBC 1xtra Seanie B rotating on their sets respectively, a collaboration with Dancehall artist Lockit on a single called, "Say What," the remake of Donell Jones 1999 "Where I Wanna Be", "Waistline" another single produced by Kingston City label and a steamy hot follow up video for the Kevv Star label produced, "Nah Come Soon" now on Youtube, Marvin charts his course. 

The 5ft 9" almost perfectly built father of two, is excited about performing for the ladies. A big fan of Chris Brown whom he met and had the pleasure of taking a photo with a couple years ago, Binns hope his music resonates with not only a Jamaican reggae/dancehall audience but the American hip-hop and RnB audience in like-manner as Chris some day, "it's important to be loved and appreciated, even more so for the display of raw talent" he said. "so I want my fans to feel the same way Chris's fans feel about him, the love is real." Marvin Binns music career is on a path intended. He has also ventured into acting and plays the lead role in a few series of the Jamaican movie, Born Bad "now this is a real challenge for me but I'm loving it. I don't want anything that dont belong to me but for everything that does I want it all" he said.

Follow Marvin Binns on Instagram @marvinbinnsmusic click "Say What"  to listen, like and comment.

Written by Sophia McKay

Bramma Slams Producer "God Don't Like Ugly!"

As   Bramma   puts the finishing touch to his upcoming all reggae album he's making every effort to appease the fans with exciting t...