Artiste Name: Denzel Martin 
Country of Origin: Jamaica 
Genre/Style: Reggae (lovers rock)
Label Affiliation: Indie

Denzel Martin is our Artiste "In Tha Spotlight"

Denzel Martin
Jamaican singer/songwriter, Denzel Martin is a Reggae artist whose soothing lovers rock flare relaxes the mind and soothes the soul. Born Oswald Martin in Kingston, Jamaica, Denzel spent most of his early childhood in the parish of Portland with his grandparents.

During his teenage years, Denzel developed a profound interest in art that lead him to enroll at the Jamaica School of Art now The Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Art. 

Denzel also developed an interest in music which leads him to his first release, entitled, "Memory." His early influences were inspired by the music of lovers rock king, Beres Hammond and the soulful Maxi Priest whose music have left an indelible mark on life.

Denzel Martin migrated to Chicago, the USA in 1989 and pursued a bachelor degree in Graphic Arts. After graduating he became an Art Director at a major firm for five (5) years before venturing into entrepreneurship putting to use his unique artistry skills in Designing Custom Furniture, wood carving/sculpture, and finishing. 

Denzel Martin became a successful businessman over those years but still desired a music career. May 2017, that dream was realized with the launch of independent label Lafeyette Concept Records and the subsequent release of the label's first official single "Love Song" and an explanatory music video. 

The move marks the beginning of a long-term plan to break through the walls of the Jamaican music entertainment industry, bringing smooth, sultry ballads for lovers of all age, race, class or creed worldwide. To follow Denzel Martin log onto Facebook and Instagram @denzelmartinmusic.

Artiste Name: Jah Izrehl 
Country of Origin: Jamaica 
Genre/Style: Reggae/Dancehall 
Label Affiliation: Indie

Jah Izrehl is our Artiste "In Tha Spotlight"

Born Lloyd Watson, September 8, 1989 in Kingston, Jamaica. The artist known as Jah Izrehl is the first child of Lloyd Watson and Novelette Fletcher and was raised in the district of Cromarty Grove in Spanish Town, St. Catherine. He attended Johnathan Grant High school where he became an avid participant in the sport of Cricket and represented his school at competitions.

Jah Izrehl's musical background aligns with his uncle Little Twitch a popular deejay in the 1980s. He honed his skill as a singer/songwriter during his formative years at school as well as acknowledge and adhere to the Rastafarian faith. A lover of music, Jah Izrehl is an ardent fan of underground rap/hip-hop music as well as the music of Steel Pulse, Ziggy Marley and Lee Scratch Perry.

Jah Izrehl toasting experience began on one the founding sound systems of reggae music, Stur Gav. His deep roots and knowledge of genre developed from watching eminent djs Josey Wales and Brigadier Jerry.

In 2014 Jah Izrehl met Navino from popular dancehall artist Aidonia's J.O.P. camp who motivated him and boosted his self-confidence. Jah Izrehl also founded independent label, Astro Music and have worked with producer Jovi Dupree releasing singles, Music A Mad Mi, On My Way and Better Dan That.

In 2015 he met Bredroc Music boss Audley 'Breddie' Allen who manages reggae artist Sophia Squire. He was introduced by his son and producer, Raheem Allen. Jah Izrehl started working with the label and alongside Sophia Squire gaining exposure from performing live on major events, Reggae Sumfest, Rebel Salute and The St. Ann Kite Festival.

Bredroc Music formed an alliance with Global Flex Records to undertake the artist managerial responsibilities. This talented reggae singjay is poised for a major break in the reggae/dancehall industry. His aim is to saturate the genres fan bases with motivational and inspiring messages. Jah Izrehl is a street fire-brand who is authentic and musically aligned with the poor and downtrodden. Give him your ears and your mind will follow.

Artist: Sativa D Black1
Country of Origin: Jamaica 
Genre/Style: Reggae/Dancehall 
Label Affiliation: Indie

Born Shaun Damian Smith, February 8, 1982 to parents Delores Anderson and Derrick Smith famously know for its bustling weekly fresh produce market, nestled north-north west of Spanish Town in the Parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica

Growing up in D-Side District Sativa D Black1's upbringing both humbled and humour him at the same time. His mother, a household helper and market vendor and father, a bus driver, occupied a one bedroom shack with their five children. Life could not get tougher for the family, Derrick Smith was never home and Sativa's mother was overworked, under-paid and stressed. Sativa, his brothers and sister faced humiliation almost daily from kids at school. They were mocked for wearing clothes that always seems to draw just too much attention as well as their overall living conditions which made going to school an uphill task.

Linstead All Age (now Primary and Junior High) and Bog Walk Secondary schools would become the most of schooling Sativa D Black1 got with education. At age 15 he intentionally dropped out of Bog Walk Secondary at the end of the first term, yielded by the need to seek employment so he could assist his depressed mother. He took a job at a supermarket in the town where he worked for 10 years.

The 34 years old dread-locked entertainer resisted the temptation to part-take in school football competitions during his formative years due to poverty stricken conditions but jumped at a second opportunity years later and became known as the skillful Forward, 'Tommy Skunk' in the parish. The name he took on from a joke between him and a friend about an elder who would pay them $10 to run errands before he ended up in prison. The football competitions he played were also fun but he would excel as his passion and skill propelled him in the sport from a minor to national league player.  Tommy Skunk then created a major opportunity for himself but the mental defect of his unfortunate past overrode a once in a life time opportunity. After the first training session with National league team Rivioli, Sativa D Black 1 walked away.

Nontheless the multi-talented dread-locked entertainers' suffering and tribulations made him compassionate coupled with the warmth of the people in and around his community, nightlife activities such as a 'penny concert', clubbing and amenities the busy town of Lindstead offers positively impacted his life. Music and entertainment overshadowed the difficult times so he alluded to it.

He formed an alliance with friends who were also relentless in their efforts to get heard and started selecting on a sound system called Upsetta. From there Sativa D Black1 gained experience mixing deejays as they toasted live.  The move would become a launch pad for his own career as one fateful Friday night he was coaxed into showing off his own talent and came to realize his true potential.

Influenced by the likes of Capleton, Sizzla and Bounty Killer, Sativa D Black1 strong vocals, playful lyrics and charisma quickly captured the hearts of his 'parisheners'.  The name Tommy Skunk stuck with him only for a while as it was deemed 'inappropriate' when he entered the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition in 2012. He renamed himself, Sativa which was used to describe 'high energy marijuana' and added 'D Black1' to distinguish himself from a female artiste also of the same name. Sativa D Black1 did not make it as a finalist in the highly publicized Magnum competion but would have benefited from it massive exposure across the island.

In 2015 Sativa D Black1 released his first recording, "No AK" and 'Elders' produced by Hungry Mouth Production. He then went on to record and release another track entitled 'Know Jah' on the Wade Wade Productions label. But it was his signing with New York based CharmB Productions label that made a positive impact on his career. In 2016 he released a single called, "Petty Thief" on the YGF Recording label which created quiet a stir before releasing his first official single "Ungrateful" off his 2017 EP of the same title produced by CharmB Productions. 

This St. Catherine native Shaun 'Sativa D Black1' Smith has truly made his mark. His impressive stage craft, clarity, high energy and witty lyrics sets him apart from his peers and proves he's definitely here to stay!. 

Artiste Name: Yeshwa 
Country of Origin: Jamaica 
Genre/Style: Reggae/Dancehall 
Label Affiliation: Indie

Born Ricardo McKenzie on December 30, 1988 in Jamaica, Yeshwa signed with Amrit Records in 2012, a label he formed with producer/partner Jason McDonald and subsequently released the single, "Cut Her Loose" which immediately spiraled across Jamaican radio airwaves and went viral on social media.

A Singer, musician and producer by profession, Ricardo 'Yeshwa' McKenzie grew up in the parish of Westmoreland. He is the only child born to Evelyn Pinnock who is a singer and guitarist at the Savanalamar Church of God Deliverance Centre. His father, Ray McKenzie is a banker whom Yeshwa has not had the privilege of spending time with.

Early Life
Yeshwa's childhood was impacted by everyday struggles and hardship in the district of Georges Plain. He attended Frome Technical High school where he studied architectural engineering but had to seek early employment at age 18 to assist his single mother.  He took his first job in the parish as a Tattoo artist and credit members of the community of Georges Plain for strengthening his beliefs throughout those hard days. "Warm-hearted' people (as he described them) encouraged him to go after his dream, a dream he had from as early as he could remember of becoming an established singer/songwriter. Yeshwa's inspiration came from his grandfather, Minister Alexander Manner who like his mother, was a singer at The Church of Holiness in Westmoreland

Career Objectives
In November 2010 Yeshwa recorded his first song with producer Collin Vibes of High Wave Production entitled, "Step In Da Streets" he then went on to record tracks such as "Only God Knows" and "Stress Free" as well as other singles which received airplay across local radio stations. But as the years slipped by Yeshwa dedicated more of his time to working and reworking his own methodologies and skills in the studio to perfect his self-taught craft in music production and playing lead guitar.  

By January 2012 Yeshwa on one of his trips to the United States of America met and subsequently formed partnership with Jason McDonald, an entrepreneur and owner of companies Sunset Car Rentals, Green Choice Restoration and Bye Bye Dirt Cleaning Services based in Miami to establish their own music production company, revamp his image and formally launch their Amrit label. The two assigned Manager Patricia Richards owner and founder of Ikeba Record label, formerly of Pyramid Records and 9-5-7 Music Records with over 35 years of experience in the music industry to assist with spearheading the movement. Their ambitions combined were realized November 2016 upon the release of singles, 'My Drink' and 'Cut Her Loose.'

Popular Singles on Amrit 
'Cut Her Loose' almost immediately on it's release on radio went viral on FaceBook garnering over 300k views in a month. It's timing sync and resonated with many Jamaicans at a time domestic violence/spousal abuse that lead to suicide and/or murder dominated local news reports and became a major concern for the authorities and the Jamaican people. Yeshwa voiced his concerns on the single, 'Cut Her Loose' urging persons to walk away, "cut her or him loose" and put an end to those atrocities. 

The father of two, a son and daughter also released the single 'My Drink' showing his diversity and flexibility. A step away from serious social issues to trendy lifestyle, "My Drink" is one for the clubs. The uptempo and trendy beat complimented by Yeshwa's softer, smoother vocals is the second production off the label and are mere samples off his debut album which he anticipates will be ready for a summer release.

 "Music has been my passion, and it has driven me to seek partnership with my friend. We've formulated a strong team and our aim for this movement is to become a force to be reckoned with."

Artiste Name: Papi Kat 
Country of Origin: Jamaica 
Genre/Style: Reggae/Dancehall 
Label Affiliation: Indie

Born August 12, 1989, to parents Lurline Barnett and Roman Simmonds, reggae recording sing-jay Anthony Ricardo Simmonds a.k.a. Papi Kat, grew up in Mavis Banks, a rural coffee farming community about 10 miles north east of Kingston, Jamaica. Papi Kat is one of seven sibblings he was born in Content Valley district. 

Papi Kat recall coming to a realization that he would likely pursue a music career, he won another of several intense musical clashes held often at school.                       As crowd gathered his competitors were seemingly brave and skillful but he was determine to win so he always triumphed over them all. They had lunch, his only hope of having lunch was winning so he emerged winner.

Papi Kat was always prepared to go after what he wanted or whatever it takes to elevate himself.  He would also hustle in the streets selling bag juice, clothing and fruits in Half Way Tree, Kingston just to get by. This life style he adopted due to financial constraints his parents experienced. By age 18 Papi Kat was a seasoned street vendor and having accepted such way of life, he wasted no time feeling sorry about his situation.  

In 2014 Papi Kat recorded 5 singles in the studio in between his day job working as a Gardener. He subsequently released two of the songs entitled, 'Black Woman' and 'Ghetto Youth Rise Up' inspired by real life experiences. The 25 year old sing-jay eager to succeed performed at the annual Kite Festival in Ocho Rios in April 2015 and the Taylor Hall Cultural Show Concert in February of the same year at the University of the West Indies to exciting applause.

In an interview on NewsTalk 93 FM radio station in Kingston, Papi Kat when asked how he sees himself in another 5 years said, "I see myself as an household name in Jamaica and the reggae/dancehall music industry on a whole."  Check out this single, 'Hush Mama'  independently produced by Papi Kat and featuring a singer known as Renzo. The song which he independently produced is inspired by a real life experience, the death of his brother. Click SoundCloud player above.

Artiste Name: Magic Flute 
Country of Origin: Jamaica 
Genre/Style: Reggae
Label Affiliation: Indie

Magic Flute was born in May Pen, Clarendon. His musical background traces back to his family where his father, was a former lead singer and guitarist for a band once known as Crucial Vibes Band, his mother, a former back-up vocalist and brother, Sagitarr, who also gave him the music name "Magic Flute", currently pursuing his own music career. 

Magic Flute grew up having a passion for playing a flute, one of which he did not have. His Dad, who sadly passed away in 2005, recognized his talent early and used his own band to to help mold his young talented son into who we now have the pleasure of introducing.

Working out of the studios of Moby's Record since 2005, Magic Flute has created positive and inspirational music and hope to leave a favourable impression on all who come to know his music.  Magic Flute's latest single is entitle "Black Starliner" Written and produced by Ryan Singh for Moby's Record.  Also check out his other singles to include, Free Yourself featuring Sizzla Kolanji, Life Gone and a live acoustic feature with his brother Sagitarr YouTube and so much more.

Artiste Name: Twarnis Jahfori 
Country of Origin: Jamaica 
Genre/Style: Roots/Rock/Reggae and Dancehall
Label Affiliation: Indie

Twarnis Jahfori hails from the March Pen Road community in Spanish Town, St. Catherine. Born Ontwayne Jerome Rodway, he in his own words describes his style of music, "my style is mainly roots/rock/reggae however I do a little Dancehall. I want to create music that will bring joy, strength, encouragement and enlightment to people. The music I create will be timeless, transcending from generation to generation."

Twarnis Jahfori is a devout Rastafarian. His music reflects his 'livity,' the struggles over the years. "Upliftment" speaks about the lack of opportunity for ghetto youth and being tricked every five years by governments, as well as, encourage youths to continue working and trying. A trying man himself, Twarnis has been a telemarketer, a salesman, a chef, a taxi operator and a barber. But his love for music was always foremost, "the dream from high school was always there, however, with no funds and no one to help in the music business, I had to seek to help myself utilizing my other skills to survive."

Now, his dream has been made a reality under the stewardship of Jah Works Entertainment, an independent label base in Kingston.  Twarnis Jahfori is also a member of Sizzla Kalonji's Judgement Yard family and is currently working on a soon to be released collaboration with Sizzla. Watch Twarnis Jahfori's 'Upliftment' video here Upliftment by Twarnis Jahfori

Artiste Name: Jah Strenght
Country of Origin: Jamaica 
Genre/Style: Dancehall
Label Affiliation: Indie

Jah Strenght is a Dancehall artiste who is exquisite with vibrant techniques that are exhibited in his music on various topics whether social, emotional, economical or financial. The inspiration is generated from challenging times in life, achievements, spiritual and humble meditation along with an appreciation of simple but invaluable people and moments that encouraged and contributed to his personal development.

A charmer, Jah Strenght's enjoys creating music for the ladies. His love songs are inspired by abstract and natural scenarios and encounters. "I am just one of those authentic Jamaican man that shows his woman true love."

Jah Strenght has been a member of Konshens, SubKonshos family before he took the decision to ride solo.  Now the artiste is about to launch his new studio and a string of music. But for now check out some of his current singles 'Summer League" featuring long time friend and Billboard charting Dancehall artiste, Erup and "She Want Good Love"  (radio version) or "She Want it Ruff" (raw).

Visit to check out Jah Strenght's videos, music and latest information. Follow the artiste on social media using the handle, @jahstrenght .
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Artiste Name: King Jazzy
Country of Origin: New York, USA 
Genre/Style: Dancehall/Hip-Hop/Electronic
Label Affiliation: Electric Sticky

Introducing King Jazzy, a real Jamerican, dancehall, hip-hop and electronic artiste. King Jazzy, was born in New York City and raised in the quiet fishing town of Oracabessa located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. He often credits the universality of his music with having a diverse environment, and with the introduction he was given at a young age to reggae music at Black Love Studio, a family run business. 

Bursting with energy, Jazzy wears many hats in the music world, including singer, songwriter, producer (sound and video), promoter, and fan. Officially, he currently holds the title of Creative Director at SMG Productions, which was recently signed to Shady Universal under a publishing contract. 

To date he released numerous singles, some of which have gained prominence in the dancehall scene, like "Plainclothes" and the album Jazzifrass, which features an eclectic mix of dancehall, hip-hop, and reggae. Throughout his career, he has shared the stage with artist such as Maxi Priest, Capelton, Luciano, and the legendary Sugar Minot. His most recent collaboration "Ride In" with Ding Dong, recorded at Gargamel Studio in Kingston, Jamaica is sure to be the next big summer anthem. To hear and download Jazzy's music, check out

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