Saturday, December 8, 2018

Buju Banton Freed!

The 'Gargamel' is home! Buju Banton fans all over the world celebrated his freedom and return to his home in Jamaica, Friday December 7, 2018.

The internationally acclaimed Reggae super star served seven years in the McRae Correctional institution in Georgia, USA.

Fans of Buju captured and shared across social media the very special moment Gargamel boarded a flight from Georgia headed to Jamaica. Buju opted for voluntary deportation after he was freed.

A peaceful and humble looking Banton was greeted with fan fare upon his arrival at the Norman Manley airport in Kingston,
where he stop to take some photos and waved to fans. A smiling Buju was then whisked away most certainly to his home and family.

The sentiments shared across social upon Buju's release is overwhelming. Fans all over the world welcomed his return, while radio djs/host in Jamaica and around the world showed support playing the "Destiny" singer's music all day on Saturday. New Image Promotions join fans and well wishers in saying, "welcome home Buju Banton!"

Sophia McKay

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Reggae Music Added To The UN List Of International Cultural Treasures

King of Reggae Bob Marley
Reggae has been added to a list of international cultural treasures which the United Nations has deemed worthy of protecting and promoting.

The music was added to the collection due to its "intangible cultural heritage" or, according to UNESCO, is "cerebral, socio-political, sensual and spiritual."  Reggae music grew out of Jamaica in the 1960's and penetrated all corners of the world due to the works of Reggae "King" the great Bob Marley.

There is absolutely no denial that stalwarts such as the legendary Peter Tosh (The Wailers), I-Threes, Toots and The Maytals, Jimmy Cliff, Milly Smalls, other great Jamaican Reggae icons past and present too numerous to list, the un-sung Jamaican sound systems operators and musicians who took the music and culture with them and introduced it in their communities across the United Kingdom, Europe and as well as reggae music enthusiasts (artists, radio hosts and djs, promoters etc.) across the world, contributed to this historical achievement.
Minister Babsy Grange at UNESCO

"Reggae is uniquely Jamaican and its influence across the world is undeniable" @thejmceffect (Jamaican Music Conference). Jamaica applied for recognition of it's musical tradition at a meeting of the UN agency in Maritius early 2018, "It is a music that we have created that has penetrated all corners of the world" said Cultural Minister Olivia Babsy Grange. The legendary Bob Marley, in speaking on the music and asked if can be copied by a New Zealand interviewer in 1979 had this to say:-
Interviewer: "Can it be copied successfully outside of Jamaica?"
Bob: "Well you see whey I feel bout di music it can be copied unuh but, is not copy do it, is the feel, unuh. It carry a feel whey if you ask plenty musician dem know it but dem caan do it. Suh people still searching for this truth here which dis reggae music yah now bring cross to dem and the only purpose it serve is to tell people bout rastafari..." (watch full interview below)

To mark Reggae's inscription into the representative list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) said, Reggae's contribution to international discourse on issues of injustice, resistance, love and humanity underscores the dynamics of the element as being at once cerebral, sociopolitical, sensual and spiritual." It's (Reggae) function, "as a vehicle for social commentary, a cathartic pratice and a means for praising God" has not changed since its emergence fro the Caribbean in the late 1960's."

New Image Promotions joins the world over in congratulating the Honorable Minister Babsy Grange, UNESCO and all involved in securing one of Jamaica's most significant national treasures, Reggae Music. It is also fitting to thank Reggae music fans world-wide for their appreciation of the music and the Jamaican culture.

Sophia McKay
Excerpts: The Guardian, BBC News

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Natural Black and Friends for "Music Is Our Mission" Europe 2019 Tour

Reggae artists Natural Black, Sugar Roy and The Fireball Crew, Prophecy and Sativa D Black 1 will be in Europe between June - August 2019 for the "Music Is Our Mission" tour sponsored by Chicago based, New Vision One Records label.  New Image Promotions C.E.O. Sophia McKay assisted by Jason Grant are the official Agents and are now accepting bookings.  

For serious inquiries only email:


Friday, October 12, 2018

Nesbeth Tours USA Ahead Of Official AMEN album release

In anticipation of the release of his debut album A.M.E.N., reggae recording artist Nesbeth is embarking on a promotional tour that will see him perform in the continental U.S.A. and Jamaica.

Among the singles ofF A.M.E.N. album on rotation worldwide "Remove My enemies", and "Trial" featuring dancehall star Popcaan, the feedback from fans and reggae music industry has been exciting and positive.

"The album is a mix of inspiration, upliftment, social comment and love song...I am very glad I accepted the opportunity to review A.M.E.N. as I now have a deep appreciation of the talent of Nesbeth" Jen Cheshire, Island Stage Magazine.

With fans eagerly awaiting both the album and slated shows, Nesbeth deep connection for A.M.E.N. is the usual excitement of a debut album. With "A.M.E.N." being the acronym for the artist beloved late wife Ann Marie Elliot Nesbeth who passed away. Nesbeth who passed away, Nesbeth hopes that the personal connection to it will translate to music lover. Speaking on what patrons can expect of his show the recording artist explained "they can expect something they have never seen heard or feel before. I am eager to perform my new music, but of course I will also be performing my classic. I aim to make this an experience." A.M.E.N. drops October 26th, 2018.


Thursday, July 26, 2018

Irie 2018 Reggae/Dancehall Albums Out Now

Popcaan - credit Rollingstone 
We are now midyear 2018 and several albums by some of our favourite Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall artists have made our "constant rotation" playlist.  Be it social commentary, gimmicks or hardcore, their message is clear. For us, the culture, realistic views, and opinions of these bold and artistic Jamaican entertainers have caught our attention so we share the list with you and hope you are also listening. If not, don't take our word for it, download or pick up a copy and check them out for yourself.

1.  FOREVER by Popcaan - the most recent is now doing its rounds. It's Rollingstone feature best capture our own views of reasons why this album grows on you... "We've all been there. It's a summer party, in any of its myriad varieties: a house party, a roof party, a basement party, a pool party, a barbecue, a cookout, a kickback, a wedding reception, an engagement party, a baby shower; it doesn't matter. You're having fun, it's nice outside, but there's a problem at hand. The music isn't right. Either someone just threw on a Spotify playlist of the streaming economy's answer to Top 40 radio or, worse, a man with a T-shirt tucked into cut-offs and Vans has commandeered the aux and is doing an objectively terrible job with unnerving confidence. Things need to change. You can be that change.

The problem, as it were, becomes your own: What do you play? it's a stressful question for even the savviest music connoisseurs, with a maze of questions to land on something that both makes you look cool and, more importantly, makes everyone happy. There are infinite choices and not enough time to choose. Never fear, because as of today I have a solution for you. Just play Popcaan's new album Read more....

2. A MATTER OF TIME by Protoje - It's been 3 years already since Ancient Future and that's astounding because we are still listening and loving that album. Now it's "A Matter Of Time" and, according to the respected Billboard Writer Ms. Pat Meschino, this album:-
"Known for his complex, blistering lyrics addressing various societal injustices, delivered in hypnotic chanted-sung vocals, reggae artist Protoje will release A Matter of Time, the long awaited followup to his acclaimed 2015 album Ancient Future, on June 29, Billboard can reveal.  

Recorded primarily at the Marley family owned Tuff Gong studios, in Kingston, Jamaica, A Matter of Time, Proteje's fourth album, is a joint release between his In.Digg.Nation Collective, producer Phillip "Winta" James' Overstand Entertainment and (in North America) reggae independent Easy Star Records Read more...

3. KONTRABAND by Kabaka Pyramid - Lyrically inclined, Kabaka Pyramid delivered on this album, one just can't get enough of. Kontraband stays right there in our top 5 most played because of its substantial and edifying content.

Writer Gardy Stein in his review had this to say,.."The Lyrics Deity presents a skill honed into perfection and creates a universe of words which, even after a fourth and fifth run-through, has not ceased to reveal its multi-layered complexity to the listener (me, in that case). Of course y'all know the ironic word-play of Well Done, and also Can't Breathe, the release of which as first single was no coincidence, as it is dealing with important and critical issues, is a textual master-piece: "Many can't spell but a dat dem have we under..." Special mention in this context deserve the self-worth-boosting Natural Woman and, most of all, the scorching title track Kontraband, where the lyrial genius of Kabaka is joined by the equally competent Damian Marley who is also responsible for the production of the powerful riddim..."  Read more

4. REGGAE FOREVER by Etana - Adds the 
sauce to our playlist for sure. Etana's creativity on this self-produced album is admirable. Each track grows on you and of course, she's got the voice. Etana, "You're The One" who did that and it's forever reggae.  Thank you!

The music certainly does not stop here but the body of work is certainly appreciated. If there is any lesson to learn from these artists it is to believe in yourself, work hard and keep it pushing!


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Celebrating 6 Of Our Favourite Female Reggae Artists On International Women's Day

"I kept my culture. I kept the music of my roots. Through my music I became this voice and image of Africa and the people without even realising," ~Miriam Makeba~

As the local reggae industry continue to present talented women of the genre to the rest of the world, local music fans seems to become more engaging with conscious reggae music by female artist as oppose to just loving one artist over the others as it was in the past. More sistas are proudly representing their african-ness as the larger society also embrace this trait. So on this day when women are celebrated, we would like to highlight some female reggae artists who've made favorable impact on our own lives.

These lovely ladies, the Queen of Reggae Ms. Marcia Griffiths and Princess, Nadine Sutherland represents the essence of reggae and it's offspring 'Dancehall' in a wholesome way from then until now. Don't they put a smile on your face? 

Queen IfrikaA Strong black woman whose commanding stage presence measures up to any of her male peers. Her music speaks to real issues be it love, relationship, hardship or injustice. Today we want you to know we appreciate you, long live the queen.

Sophia Squire - Simple but talented and we were reminded just how recently listening an interview on Stockade Radio with the Tenstar General who decided to share with his audience a single called "Secret Lover" off her 2014 Chapter 1 Rythm and Soul EP distributed by VPAL. Arguably Squire is one Jamaica's best female reggae singer/songwriter right now in the business and most under-rated. But we believe in you! You are gonna get there girl, just don't lose hope!

Where is Miss Etana? This songstress is expected to release her brand new album entitled, "Reggae Forever" on this day March 8, 2018, International Women's Day, and we look forward to hear what she has in store for us. From birth Etana whose name means "the strong one" in Swahilli, was given the charge to overcome when she was named. Keep smiling Etana, your smile looks good on you.

Our new favourite is the Princess Jah9, a powerhouse of consciousness. This roots-reggae sista has awaken a new level of roots, reggae consciousness that is empowering and refreshing. I was introduced to her by a young female university student whom Jah9 has transformed into a full blown roots-reggae fan with her soul-ful, poetic songs that touches the soul. Keep it pushing princess we are proud of you, thank you for your unwavering display of black consciousness.

Thank you all for keeping the genre alive bringing your individual style and talent and truly identify with our African ancestry.

To all women, whether you are black or white, other race or creed. This is our day let us celebrate it in love. One love from Sophia McKay, at New Image Promotions.

Sophia McKay 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Papi Kat "Ghetto Life" Music Video Hit Hard

Papi Kat - mad n mean!
After months of sacrifice, dedication, and hard-work, the persistent reggae/dancehall artist Papi Kat has finally released his second official music video for his hard-hitting single "Ghetto Life" independently produced by his 9Voice Production label. 

The 29-year-old reaps success with his new video release after experiencing chaotic circumstances that could have sabotaged the project. But he persevered, a trait he will have to adopt in order to accomplish his definite aim. The young man who hails from Top Road District, Mavis Banks, a small settlement in the parish of St. Andrew, presents his latest music video "Ghetto Life," depicting unimaginable life experiences that only those who lives and breathes it can explain.

Papi Kat's music journey is one interesting story; caught between a discriminative and unpopular day-time job, having to provide for his family, and producing his own music When NIPnews first introduced him in 2014, one may recall the difficult circumstance under which he launched his career. The lost of his elder brother, who was the main provider of the family, in a tragic case of mistaken identity shooting incident by Jamaican law enforcement. Determine to create a better life for his family and become a beacon in his community the then, 25-year-old released his first track called "Hush Mama" featuring fellow upcoming artiste Renzo, relating how he received the news of his brother's death.

Papi Kat went on to release Pot of Gold and a few other tracks prematurely. But, relentless in his effort to make a favorable impression on the reggae/dancehall music industry he revamped his music production and released not one but two (2) improved singles in 2017 namely, "Ghetto Life" and "Inna Dem Feelings" and received much-noted attention for his efforts. 

But after those singles were released further struggle ensued. Papi Kat's forced effort to release a video was side-tracked when videographer and friend Adrian Louverture Whitehorne found that the video files got compromised throwing the entire project in jeopardy after the editing was almost completed. The two had gathered community members along with the support and help from fellow artiste, Blacker Hyper (known for his hit single, "Bun Him" with Macka Diamond) and put together their best video concept yet, showing the world a visual expression of personal views on very serious social and cultural issues. 

Months went by before the files were retrieved and the issue resolved but Papi Kat has pulled through and continue his journey, From Start 2 Stardom! Keep following this artist @papikatmusic FaceBook and @musticpapikat Instagram.

Written by Sophia McKay 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Reggae and Black History Month 2018 - Insta Hot Pics

Bunny Wailer  - Lifetime Achiement Award 2018
The Jamaica Recording Industry Association (JaRia) since 2009 celebrates the legacy of Reggae music recognising past and present icons, veterans and activities throughout the entire month of February. In recognition of Reggae Month 2018 NIPnews, in our Insta Hot picks feature bring to you highlights from some of the activities that have taken place thus far.

Roots rocking reggae radio IRIE FM recognized Bunny Wailer with a Life Time Achievement Award February 11th. Displayed by Photo Journalist and radio host Steve James who congratulates #JahB for receiving the award.  Jah B as he is affectionately called, is a three (3) time Grammy recipient and former member of the legendary Bob Marley and Icon, the late Peter Tosh, legendary, "Wailers" group.

It was a back-to-school showdown between David Rodigan, the legendary King Jammys and Yaadcore at Dubwise Jamaica February 11th. Tune for tune and dub for dub from the best of the reggae music archives. David Rodigan celebrated his 40th Anniversary in the business at the home of iconic director Perry Henzel (for the movie The Harder They Come) off West Kings House Road in Kingston. Instagram came alive with photos and video clips of the night's event making it oh so Insta Hot! Dubwise is the initiative of Reggae artiste Protoge alongside Jason Panton and Yaadcore and was founded in 2014.
Saxaphonist Mr. Dean Fraser was one of the moderators of the "Reggae Open University" discussions Tuesday, February 13th, at Edna Manley School for the Visual Arts.  Insightful discussions on Entrepreneursip were led by panelists, Mickey Benneth of Grafton Studio and former member of Home T group, Robert Livingston former manager of Shaggy and Kamal Bankay, Co-Chairman of Reggae Month/Chairman of Sports and Entertainment Network of the Ministry of Tourism.

As the Reggae Month train of activities chuggle along we urge you to follow @JaRia #ReggaeMonth2018 for the latest update on upcoming activites.

In recognition of Black History Month 2018 we want to share with you other Instagram Hot Picks depicting strong Jamaican culture and/or cultural practices. Check out @lifeyard360 where children are empowered with important tools needed to survive "Writing 4 Life". @lifeyard360 promotes #communitytourism and are the proud recipients of "The Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley) Humanitarian 2017 Award." 
Another interesting Instagram Hot Picks during this special month is The indigenous Rasta Village @rastavillage an authentic community of Rastafarians - "So many are called. Chosen are few. Bringing Rastafari love to every nation...."
Then over to the recreational @niceyfarms - "We are modern people but at our heart we are bush people and we love nothing more than to go  spend the day in the deep bush and have a cookout.." @niceyfarms
"Our culture is one that respects nature and tries to have as little impact on the natural environ as possible." The energy is just reggae

Never to be outdone, reggae's offspring Dancehall had awesome news to highlight in the spirit of the month. Aidonia nominated for Humanitarian Award - "Do Good and Good Will Follow You." And on that note we say, "until next time, 1Love!" Follow us on Instagram @newimagepromo

Sophia McKay

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Say "Yes" If You Are Still Rocking These Dancehall Fyah From 2017

Breeezeee!!!! Amidst the crime upsurge that plagued sections of Jamaica, several artists got creative and released songs that kept my faith restored in dancehall music. 

These tracks stayed on my favourite music list all year long in 2017 and is still doing it in 2018 and of course, be it positive, uplifting or lighted hearted the following artists came through for us and we want them to know we appreciate the effort. 

1. Popcaan featuring Dre Island "We Pray" 

2. Wayne Marshall and Bugle - 

3. Agent Sasco "Winning Right Now"

4.Shane O - A Million

5.Breeze by Aidonia and Govanna 

6. Likes by Chronixx
7. Ding Dong - Fling You Shoulders

8. Aidonia - Yeah Yeah

9. JaDore - Cologne

10. Ding Dong - Genna Bounce/Flairy ft. Bravo

Sophia McKay