Thursday, February 11, 2016

Throw Back - How Dancehall Entertains

Clashes - It starts like this......???

.............Ends like this

It can get this intense....#Gadfatherting 

..and is still entertaining

But sadly, it can also end someone's here


But that's Dancehall for you


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Insta Hot - Dope Pics

Mi got Dis......

So Kranium has landed a collaboration with American RnB singer Usher which is expected to give fans a "crazy Dancehall/RnB vibe" one report stated. Let's wait and see, who's ready? #Kranium, #Usher #Collab

Matching Smiles

Tennis champ Serena Williams has been in Jamaica excercizing philanthropic duties building schools for the kids. Some artistes, track and fields champs have been priviledged to meet her and share some precious photos with us.

Serena Williams and I #outnabout #Tifa
#SerenaWilliams #Jamaica #Smile

Star Struck

"Endless respect to Miss Serena Williams and her foundation for the work they're doing in Jamaica." #BuildingSchools #GiveThanks - #AgentSasco #serena Williams

All Smiles

Always a joy connecting with the Queen Ifrika more life and loads a success on the album #IbaMahr #QueenIfrika


Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tessanne Chin releases new single called "Love Suicide"

Tessanne Chin's latest single "Love Suicide" is  a sweeping, soul ballad of reckless affection. The single captures the essence of finding love so powerful that it is all together consuming and exhilarating. "Love Suicide," released on her imprint Chinita Entertainment.

Known for her powerhouse vocals and striking range, Tessanne Chin is in the studio working on her third album. She cultivates elements of Soul, Pop, and RnB, but always with a little island flare that sets her apart from her peers. These features in Chin's music are realized to their fullest potential in her latest single, Love Suicide.  Her astounding voice illuminates the track as the tension builds throughout this elegant song of absolute true love. Opening with a classic piano melody, Love Suicide maintains a fresh and unique style of contemporary and classic RnB influences. Seasoned songwriter, Blue June, whose credits include Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande and many more, bought her skills to assist in writing Love Suicide..listen click here

As Chin exclaims, "Oh baby, I wanna dive right into you, it's a love suicide," her strong and gorgeous vocals instantly seize heartstrings, characterizing the sensation of love so strong that catches her off guard. "The song is about loving someone so deeply that you fall into it completely and surrender yourself to it," Chin comments. As the track builds, the passion in her dynamic belting increases and emphasizes the sincerity of her unquestionable yearning and the hold it has over her. To make the sound come to fruition, Tessanne collaborated with producer Darwin Quinn (Lil'C), whose tracks have charted #1 on Billboard and recent credits include Tyga, TI, Young Jeezy and more.

The Season 5 winner of NBC's 'The Voice' competition enjoyed her first Overall Top Songs on iTunes covering the 1971 classic Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Since winning The Voice, Tessanne has also ventured into other business areas showing off her entrepreneurial skills. She launched Blow by Blow, a full-service salon in Kingston along with her sisters and partnered with Bellami Hair Extensions.

Showcasing her rare sound and style, Love Suicide proves yet again that fans can expect more aural beauty from this esteemed artist. Having topped charts across the Caribbean, Tessanne Chin has recently set her sights on a broader fan base and continues to win over hearts and minds with her magnificent voice.


Friday, February 5, 2016

Tanto goes to Canada

Tanto Blacks and Bounty Killa - "killa glad fi see mi a fly out"
"Canada mi a come..riich!" I have never mentioned him here, but i'm a big fan of Tanto Blacks, he cracks me up on instagram like so many of his over 50k followers. So consumed by his antics, visiting his IG page is a favorite pass-time of mine. This comedic, high energy dancehall entertainer whose 'slang' game is so strong, has landed a place among some of the hottest Dancehall artistes in my book and it was just a matter of time before Tanto start taking his whole entertainment package abroad.

Well Tanto's announcement this week of his Canada appearance on IG @Tantolifestyle was everything, "Canada mi a come...riiiich...., mi a pack mi suitcase yah, a doe kno which one fi carry but a gwine carry mi brown shoes..hat enuh! lol.

Jamaicans came to know Tanto Blacks in 2010 when he entered and won popular local talent show Magnum Kings and Queens unleashing a slew of slangs as well as showing off his entertainment delivery skills. But even though his name resonated well among fans from then, it has taken him some time to position himself among the best in the game. Check out this old interview on Nightly Fix, with Tanto Blacks and Poor and Boasy another artistes I hope to see in the big leagues. 

Tanto's slangs - budgettt, tweederrr, spectaculerrr, riiichhhh, real rich


Ketchup - Richie Stevens Sail Away Rhythm Sample Works for Rihanna; Foota Hype and Vegas brand name clothing

Rihanna's official lead single "Work" featuring Drake off her eighth studio album, ANTI, features a sample of singer/producer Richie Stevens, Pot of Gold label, 1988 "Sail Away" rhythm. In a Jamaica Observer article, Stevens recalled how it all unfolded, "they contacted me last week Tuesday and asked if I was the producer and owner of the master and I told them yes" then continued, "they said they would appreciate if I could move fast in assisting with the clearing of the sample because they wanted to release the song...."

The single, "Work" was produced by Boi-1da, PartyNextdoor and Sevn Thomas, all of whom trace their ethnicity back to Jamaica click to read more

Foota Hype/Mr. Vegas New Branded Clothing Lines
Popular Dancehall DJ/Selector Foota Hype launched a new business venture promoting his FHM collection of t'shirts and caps.  Foota launched his apparels recently in Florida as well as online across his fan base.  FHM line features unisex style clothing and is available for purchase online 

Meanwhile, Mr. Vegas is launching his new merchandise, MV Collections, a recollection of
his, 'Mr. Vegas' moniker, hit songs and important elements of his lifestyle and culture according to a release. The designs and slogans are internationally recognized across the world and includes brightly coloured printed t-shirts for both men and women. MV Collections will also be available for order online.


Reggae Month - JaRIA nominate Nesbeth's "My Dream" Song Of The Year

Now added to BBC 1Xtra the massive hit single "My Dream" written and recorded by Trench Town native Greg Nesbeth has been nominated, "Song Of The Year" by the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA). 

The single, off Nesbeth's management company Entertainment Soul label continues to reap rave reviews with noticeably some of the most encouraging and inspiring comments/post by fans on social media. With general elections in Jamaica slated for February 25, "My Dream" has crossed the political divide getting the nod by supporters of the two political parties.

The Jamaica Reggae Industry Association in its ninth year celebrating Reggae Month under the theme, "Reggae Mekyah", will be presenting a slew of events throughout the month to include, Reggae Open University, Reggae Wednesdays (it's signature event series) and the JaRIA Honours Awards.  

Other nominees for the "Song Of The Year" category includes Vershon "Inna Real Life", Kabaka Pyramid "Well Done", OMI "Cheerleader" and Inner Circle's "Tennement Yard" featuring Chronixx. 


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Rebel Salute - Like a Fresh Vegetable; Nesbeth's One Song Slew One Segment "My Dream"

Moments! Rebel Salute 2016, "one of world's leading reggae events" and held in Jamaica, showcased some of the most heartfelt and electrifying performances, despite time constraints that forced acts to cut their performance short. There were many good moments, too much to list but some of my favourites are as follows and can be viewed as often as you wish on "Onstage" TV.

Beres Hammond and Tony Rebel performance "Like a fresh vegetable"....

Nesbeth has done something I've never seen before, he used one song in a whole set and slew a more "My Dream" is to live my dream watch...

Great! moment Beres Hammond Marcia Griffiths

Heart-felt, Magical is how I view this performance, one which we will never see again. It just goes to show that with music the more things change the more they remain the same..."Half Pint"..."Reggae"...."Best of Reggae".....

NIPnews: read Ja.Observer Rebel salutes festival