Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nyanda and Ugandan stars has now released their video for the 'Reach A Hand Uganda' Campaign

Nyanda and students from the Hanna Mixed school in Uganda
Nyanda and Ugandan stars GNL Zamba, Ray Signature, Irene Ntale, Maurice Hasa and Big Trill promotes safe sex on their single Your Ways as part of the Reach A Hand Uganda Campaign.

Your ways is an integral part of a youth oriented Campaign led by Reach A Hand Uganda which targets teens and young adults and aims to empower them with knowledge to better understand their sexuality and in turn make informed choices regarding early pregnancy and safe sex practices. Published in Uganda's leading daily, New Vision Uganda's teenage pregnancy rate is worrying.

Nyanda is a proud Ambassador for Reach A Hand Uganda and It Takes Two Campaign.  The goal of the campaign is to engage young men and women, to become advocates for increased access to family planning information and services in Uganda. It is important to note:

  •    Almost 75% of Uganda's population is under the age of 30
  •    One in every 4 Ugandan girls is pregnant.
"Being a strong woman myself and having performed for thousands of female fans around the world, the empowerment of young people, especially girls and women, is an issue I care deeply about" says Nyanda.  "Investing in our world's youth is investing in our greatest resource and in our future.  If young people are allowed their right to control if and when to have children, families, communities, and nations will all benefit.  Giving girls and women in particular, the power to control their fertility will lead to more equal societies across the globe."  Click to watch YOUR WAY


Monday, April 21, 2014

Rihanna turn the spotlight on Buju Banton/Nadine Sutherland and Sizzla

Rihanna singing 
Internationally acclaimed Pop star Rihanna also known as the queen of social media has been off for sometime but decided on Easter Sunday while celebrating 420 to give her fans a treat. Rihanna bff Melissa released a few cameos on Instagram of the pop star singing Nadine Sutherland's verse of the 1993 hit single 'Dickie' by Buju Banton as well as Sizzla's Black Woman and Child.

Although this is not the first time Rihanna has introduced her fans to Jamaican music as she is a big Bob Marley fan among others, but each time she does it, her millions of fans flock social media to check out the music of the artistes, some confess, "Rih has me buying Buju Banton's music now." Rihanna might not have taught about it as she was just enjoying herself but her action was a nice gesture that turned the spotlight on an incarcerated Buju Banton. 


Monday, April 14, 2014

Chronixx Dread and Terrible project debut and tops Billboard

The 'Dread and Terrible' project by Chronixx make it's debut and tops Billboard Reggae Chart.  The 10 track EP includes hit song Here Comes Trouble as well as, Rastaman Wheel Out, Spurlina and Alpha and Omega.  

Chronixx told the Jamaica Observer, "Dread and Terrible' for me is like a state of mind, ideology, whatever is good and pleasant is dread and terrible inna Babylon system.  I'm kinda educating the youths about certain realities,  like a wake-up call."

He posted a screen shot of the Billboard chart reflecting his #1 position on his Facebook page with caption Give thanks to #TeamChronixx worldwide for supporting the Dread & Terrible Project and making it no.1 on Billboard Reggae Charts.

'Dread and Terrible' EP makes six, the number of albums by a Jamaican artiste to enter Billboard Reggae Chart since the start of this year with about three hitting the top spot.

Chronixx, is fast becoming a promotion genius in his own rights and for his music. The exciting and interesting Dread and Terrible VLOG, filmed and edited by All Eyes Out It Films proves this watch on N.I.P.T.V. >>>> The 'Dread and Terrible Europe tour' concludes after he performs a minimum 22 gigs April 21.


Tanya Stephens/Sanjay controversial video for single 'Corners of My Mind'

Established female sing-jay Tanya Stephens and emerging sing-jay Sanjay released a controversial video for their single, 'Corners of My Mind' directed by Daniel Saboune out of Australia.  The video shot in Jamaica was released on International Women's Day and is a gripping reminder of how some women suffers from the unthinkable.  An obviously obsessed Sanjay dealt 'tragic' when his spouse Tanya decided to leave him.  

The collaboration is indeed a good one with Sanjay opting for singing instead of his usual deejay style and Tanya reeling off her mind boggling lyrics and sharp vocals she is known for watch:-


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chronixx 'Dread and Terrible' Mission in Europe

Chronixx and the Zince Fence Band
As Chronixx moves across Europe promoting his latest 'Dread and Terrible' project, he's literally taking fans unable to see him along the journey with him. Let's walk you through some path he's taken, come...   The fans witnesses "it's like the new father Bob in our generation Africa is waiting...." 
Fans sports Chronixx Tees
KingMuhammed Muctar Hydara Sheriff Jr. the brother bad mad ragge song me say chronixx u are the general its like u change the face of ragge music in 21century its like ya the new father Bob in our generation Africa is waiting for u especially the Gambia me can't wait to see you brother. Africa is the feature nuff respect to u chronixx a brother form another mother Allah bless u brother.......

Chronixx mission is self explanatory and becomes clearer with each passing day....  
Chronix  n Zinc Fence in Ja colours
Watch LargeUp TV latest Wepisode, filmed backstage at the Blue Note, musicians discuss how important learning from older musicians has been to them — Alexander recalls learning from Ranglin, just as Chronixx discusses being inspired by the musicians he shared the stage with." or "Sharing the stage with Don Carlos last night at the Kintal Reggae Festival Porto, Portugal." — 
crowd line up to see Chronixx
Look into my eyes
Tell me what you see
Can you feel my pain
Am I your enemy

"Words Jamaica will never forget. Words of Rodney pryce!" 

"Real power house! Kelissa's Music Bringing great vibes to the dread and terrible tour! And massive respect goes out to all the great lionesses who are waving the banner of Rasta roots and culture world wide! Jah9 sativa cenci..one love!" 

His fan base is increasing rapidly because people endorse the movement having a reason to follow this 21 year old Jamaican of good courage. "This is what they mean when they say revival! Has nothing to do with the artistes! The people are alive and ready for the next level. This is the que yesterday at La Cigale, Paris...waiting to experience the original roots!"

Chronixx says his work is spiritual, driven by the almighty and as he moves through Europe takes time to give thanks for his blessing while asking 'Jah' for strength to carry out his work which also involves lending support to other Jamaican artistes as he encourages, motivates and teach... 
"It all started with a dream..then came the hard work and livication. Now here we are celebrating Jah great gift of life and music...and I am most grateful that the whole world can be a part of this celebration."

Chronixx n Zinc Fence live Lyon France

Chronixx is obviously desirable of bringing back the authenticity of his culture, the people, the vibe that is overshadowed by that of other nations, another people, another culture, and we love it caan dun, go deh Chronixx bless up yourself! #RideOn

Rastaman Wheel/Dread n Terrible

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Reggae Icons Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt Honoured in NYC

International Reggae Queen Marcia Griffiths and legendary reggae/gospel singer Judy Mowatt, two thirds of the world famous I-Threes group, who provided backing vocals for reggae supperstar Bob Marley in the 70s, were honoured with the "Reggae Ambassador's Award" in New York by VP Records and Groovin Inc., sponsor and organizer of the fourth annual Groovin In The Park concert respectively.  The awards were presented to the ladies for their supres artistry, outstanding achievement and contribution to the development and promotion of reggae worldwide.

Tour manager and reggae historian Copeland Forbes was also honoured for his contribution to the industry.  The awards were presented at the New York launch of Groovin In The Park 2014.

"I feel like I am truly blessed as this award is deeper than music.  Thank you for allowing me to share this journey.  Without you I would not have reached this milestone" she said to thunderous applause.

Judy, who performed with Marley in 1979 at his last concert at Madison Square Garden told the packed house, "Had it not been for God, for his gift and talents that he gave to me, I would not have been here this evening. So it is with heartfelt grattidude, I give thanks."

Griffiths and Mowatt, who collectively have contributed almost 100 years to the development and globalization of reggae music, will join a sizzling musical cast that blends vintage and contemporary hitmakers, at the 2014 Groovin In The Park in Queens on Sunday, June 29th.

Chronixx, John Holt and Bob Andy are among the other confirmed acts scheduled to perform.  The one-day festival will also showcase other exciting elements of the island's culture too, such as the mouthwatering cuisine and the exciting island fashion.


Friday, April 4, 2014

It is not an overnight thing says Tessanne Chin

In an interview with Toronto Star, Tessanne Chin cautioned that transitioning from a TV talent show winner to a super star will not be an overnight thing.

Tessanne Chin sings for the Obamas
On her recent visit to Canada last week where she received a Luminary Award at the Weekend University of the West Indies benefit gala, Season 5 winner of NBCs The Voice, Tessanne Chin, told the Toronto Star that her journey from TV talent show winner to recording star will basically be a well thought through process, "I look at people like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood; it was not an overnight thing," she said "I am not going to take on that pressure of, oh! is she going to be the one?"  If I can wake up and do what I'm doing and be happy, put food on my table and make you happy by doing it, that's success to me.  I'm not going to measure it in just sale.  I can't" she concluded.

The article brought into perspective the fact that both Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood to whom Tessanne refers, along with Fantasia three of the first four Idol winners have combined album sales for more than 30 million in sales and 10 Grammys since appearing on that talent show.NBCs The Voice is yet to produce a star of the magnitude of them.  Voice champs have generally had modest album sales.  

But as Tessanne Chin acknowledge these facts and establish the precedence of her career she remained focused, "Of course, there's momentum and we want to capitalize on it, but I'm not about to rush this and give my fans and people that have waited so long just something that I've thrown together.  I want to give them something that's me," she said. Her album set for a May 27th release features production by Grammy-winning songwriter Diane Warren; Toby Gad, who's worked with Beyonce; RandB duo Rock City, who've written for Rihanna'; Claude Kelly (Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson) and One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder, who produced Chin's post-Voice single, "Tumbling down."

Chin says the album will have "an island sway," including reggae elements, and a variety that reflects her personality.

Excerpts: Toronto Star

Thursday, April 3, 2014

St. Thomas Virgin Islands Reggae artiste Pressure announces his album release and tour dates

The Sound album cover
The artiste Pressure aka Pressure Buss Pipe from the US Virgin Islands of Saint Thomas has release a new single called 'Show Love' taken from his upcoming album entitled, 'The Sound' which is schedule for release April 15 on I Grade and Buss Pipe Records listen.  Subsequent to his album release Pressure 'The Sound' tour kick off across Europe from April 30th - May 17, 2014.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Agent Sasco explore with acoustic beat on new single 'Day In Day Out'

Agent Sasco
One of Reggae/Dancehall's most positive artistes Agent Sasco, has released a new single entitle, "Day in Day Out" deejaying on an Acoustic beat.  We do not know if the artiste is just exploring the format but would encourage it, as it in our opinion creates a more subtle and approachable way to present his music to a wider audience extending beyond Dancehall.

Agent Sasco always strive for consistency in delivering his messages to the fans be it motivational or socially conscious.  These days, despite nationality, race or religion people go about their lives having to deal with financial woes, or living from pay check to pay check a subject Agent Sasco passionately address on this new track with the lyrics, "Day in day out I'm trying to find a way out, it seems there is always a trap, it seems like four steps forward and five steps back."  

The hard hitting lyrics in the second verse is a mixture of reality and hope to which Sasco sang, "the system conspire to keep me down.....but I keep faith in a de the messiah....." Day In Day Out is produced on an exclusive one chord progression rhythm stumbled upon by Agent Sasco himself while learning to play the guitar and perfected by Unga from Notnice Productions check it