Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Sativa Mimics "Foreign Mind" Jamaicans on New Single

Sativa D Black 1
Jamaican reggae artist Sativa D Black 1 has released yet another powerhouse single entitled, 'Foreign Mind' you would love to hear!

The lyrically hard hitting single mimics the Jamaican/foreigner who only returns to his island home for funerals and flaunting and constantly complains about the hardship of living overseas.   Sativa D Black 1's message to those individuals is, "if you say that foreign hard me want dem space a time dem deh deh and a waste..." 

Jamaica's Irie FM radio veteran host Elise Kelly upon introducing "Foreign Mind" to her audience recently is impressed with the level of work Sativa D Black 1 produces she said, "You see this bredrin here whey name Sativa D Black 1, you know you have some artist dem just step out and, dem just confident and need your support.." and, "this bredrin here Sativa D Black 1....every time you come out wid a chune it better than the chune love the fact sey Sativa mek we see, mek we hear sey him a big artist. Mek we see, mek we hear fi we self sey him have a whole heap a gwaan fi him.." Log on/Click Facebook @sativadblack1 to hear more of Ms. Elise Kelly's opinion on Sativa D Black 1.

"Foreign Mind" is written by the artist whose real name is Shaun Smith and produced by management label CharmB Productions out of New York City. The track follows his Cashflow produced banger "Check On I", the popular, "Petty Thief"off the YGF Record label, his first official CharmB produced single "Ungrateful", "Elders" produced by Hungry Mouth Production and "Know Jah" by Wade Wade Productions. Click to watch videos Check On I and Petty Thief.

The all too kind, conscious, hardworking and persistent reggae artiste is also a natural performer who confidently stepped into the competitive Jamaican music arena two (2) years ago under new management and on a mission to win. Right now,  he has most certainly created the momentum for a major explosion!

To keep up with his live performances, new music and music videos, interviews and reviews be sure to follow his social media @sativadblack1

Written by: Sophia McKay

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Nesbeth Landed Another Hit With Success Story

As published in the Jamaica Observer, reggae artist Nesbeth has scored another hit with the Oneil "Foota Hype" Thomas produced, "Success Story" track.

The inspiration behind "Success Story" is really the story of his own success, Nesbeth explained in an interview with Splash. 

"Success Story" is a follow-up to 2015 massive hit My Dream, which topped several reggae charts locally and overseas.

When asked if he felt pressured to deliver another hit as big as My Dream, Nesbeth said, "difficult is not the word. All I know is that my heart is in my music 100 per cent and it will never change. So the best is yet to come."

Nesbeth's My Dream single paved the way for his current success, "My Dream gave me the opportunity to perform at several major shows worldwide..." he told the Observer. 

In previous years Nesbeth stamped his name in the reggae music industry as one of the genres' future ambassador with the release of popular tracks, Board House, I Love Her and Gangalee to name a few. Fans will be treated to a video for "Success Story" soon.

Jamaica Observer article

Friday, August 18, 2017

Marcus Garvey 130 Years Later

Marcus Garvey founded the Negro Improve Movement (U.N.I.A.) with the goal of uniting all of the African diasporas to "establish a country and absolute government of their own." August 1920, at the first international convention the U.N.I.A. meeting at Madison Square Garden in New York, Marcus Garvey, before a crowd of 25,000 people from all over the world, spoke of having pride in African history and culture. Many found his words inspiring, but not all.

Today, 130 years later, Marcus Garvey words live on. We salute the Great on his born day.  
Let's Talk About Marcus.....

More on Marcus Garvey: In Recognition of National Heroes Day Jamaica 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sativa D Black 1 Rock May Pen Clarendon With an Impressive Performance

As he continues to stamp his name in every crevice and corner of Jamaica, we continue to follow and share his story.  Recently in the parish of Clarendon, Sativa D Black 1 had fans loving his ever performance of his most popular track Petty Thief and even when he introduced new song Foreign Mind, the crowd loved every moment ......

On the grind, Sativa D Black is building an impressive catalog of songs such as Petty Theif, Check On I, Ungrateful and Foreign Mind. And even more impressive is his stage performances which get better each night, each day and at each event.  From start to stardom CharmB Production main man, Sativa D Black 1 is no doubt taking his career to impressive levels.


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Insta Hot Picks - Star A Star

When music hits you feel no pain and so it is seeing your favourite artists off the mic. It's joy to see how they greet each other, the love and happiness is contagious. We have paused our Insta Hot Picks feature for far too long but your requests has kept us in check, now the wait is over here we go....

Aweee too cute..Queen Ifrica's new album "Climb" is deserving of that broad smile she displays hugging our other fav artist the one and only Jah Cure. Never a dull moment observing his child-like smile...

Watch this! Nesbeth, Protoge and Chronixx in one pic it's a good look. #ReggaeInTheFuture

Talent galore Daseca, Aidonia and Dexta Daps young and fresh producers and artists who brings that sauce to Dancehall. #Luvdem.

Our poster pic of this feature the one and only Damian "Junior Gong" Marley. This shot is just epic. Note the caption though, always a good message. #StarAStar.


Monday, August 7, 2017

Jamaica Celebrates 55 Years of Independence

Happy 55 Jamaica.....

Jamaican Independence Day is celebrated August 6th each year right after Emancipation Day August 1. Various activities takes place during this period from paying homage to National Heroes who fought for the independence of the country to celebratory concerts, fireworks, parades or a Grand Gala held at the National Stadium in Kingston. 

After 55 years, Jamaicans have much to be proud of and thankful for. Our music, is one of the legacies of brand Jamaica.  The reggae/dancehall music and culture have inspired many other genres and continue to inspire millions of fans. 

Here we take timeout to say musically "HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY JAMAICA" land we love.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Happy Emancipation Day Jamaica

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, non but ourselves can free our minds..."Bob Marley"

~Emancipation Day Jamaica 2017~


Monday, July 10, 2017

Sativa D Black1 Shares How He Stay Motivated

"Oh Jah I feel so proud how you a check on I.." lyrics from Sativa D Black1 latest track "Check On I" off the CashFlow Productions, Comfort Riddim. The 'Petty Thief" singer shares how he stay motivated and the inspiration behind the song, " No matter what I'm going through I have to think positive it's just my way of life. Nothing good comes from making oneself worried and frustrated even though these feelings comes naturally, but as much as I can, I keep myself motivated by accepting what I'm going through and constantly give thanks to the almighty for checking in on I despite these challenges."

 "Check On I" has boosted likes, follows and interest across the artiste social media network, "I love this song from the first time I heard it" one fan posted, " a di next big star from Linstead" posted another. "The people dem also keep mi going enuh" said Sativa D Black1. "It's a two-way cycle. Me sing about my life and life in general, things happening around me and the people dem gravitate to dis, draw strength from it and den turn roun and encourage me. You know what is the nicest part? Most of these people don't know me personally." 

Hardwork and dedication has kept Sativa busy across the island with live performance and appearances, "sometimes going out there is all I can think of. My comfort zones are the beach/river, studio and on stage. I want to be with the people, around them and I love nature so places like the beach or river keeps me calm. I then bring all of these good energy to studio and create music reflecting the peace within me." 

While his music breaks ground in places like Uganda where "Petty Thief" is said to be "frequently played in bars and lounges",Kenya, Ghana, Gambia and the UK, Sativa D Black1 works even harder because he understands that his music gives hope to a lot of people or simply relaxes them. "Suffering is terrible! Many times I give away my last dollar because I know some suffer more than some. Some people are hopeless and its not by choice. Some people cannot even begin to think about a future much less envision one, what do you say to that person?"

An entertainer at heart, Sativa D Black1's love for reggae/dancehall music and culture has paved the way for a musical experience that knows no bounds.  "Check On I" gives an insight on how he handles stress and stay motivated as well create a feeling of hope for everyone's daily life experiences, "trod wid di most high only, him a mi shield so no time me nuh lonely..." more lyrics from Check On I by Sativa D Black1. 

You can only live your dream if you keep them alive. Motivation is necessary for this to happen. Music helps in this area and this artiste, Sativa D Black1 through his own music contributes to the cause. Check out his music on youtube and follow him on social media @sativadblack1. 

Written by: Sophia McKay

Monday, June 26, 2017

Chronixx dweet for the love...

Just one of those short stories that explains itself and leaves you smiling