Monday, January 2, 2017

10 Best of 2016 Reggae Goodies

The year 2016 have come and gone with some reggae/dancehall music selections with it. Thank God for the internet where even though the industry suffers, fans still has access to the music they love. We are grateful that some of our favourite acts blessed us with some very good music that will continue to impact our lives throughout this new year. Some will possibly be played for a very long time to come. Here are some of our choices, what are yours?

Jah Cure - Rasta 

Morgan Heritage - Selah

Junior Gong - Nail Pon Cross

I-Taweh - Never Fade

Queen Ifrika - Ask My Granny

Sophia Squire - Love and Conflict

Etana - How Long

Nesbeth - My Dream

Chronixx - Majesty

Cali P ft. Capleton - Dem Ago Burn Up


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2017

As we look forward to a New Year our hope is that new developments within our businesses, communities and household embodies respectability, love, dignity, peace, generosity, inspiration, innovation, fulfillment, enjoyment, oneness and a stronger desire to serve GOD.

Love yourself because it is only with understanding of how to love oneself, that one can love another.

Thanks to everyone who visited this blog please continue to do so and remember you can send us your questions or comments at
One Love!

~Sophia McKay~

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dancehall King and kings

"Good leaders create more leaders, bad leaders create followers.."~Shiv Khera~

A king is born...
In 1981 Yellow Man became the first Dancehall artist to sign a record deal with a major American music label. He was signed to Columbus Records which is owned by Sony Music Entertainment, the oldest surviving brand name in the recorded sound business and the second major record company to produce recorded records. Yellow Man is said to have had, a substantial influence on the world of hip-hop and, was widely credited for paving the way, for successive reggae artistes on a growing hip-hop community in America during the 1980s. Some of the rappers who sampled his music included some of Hip-Hop/Rap music's most influential, the ground-breaking 'gangster' rapper Eazy-E, foundation rappers KRS-One, the undisputed Notorious B.I.G., timeless rapper Tupac Shakur and Blackstar formed by Mos Def and Talib Kweli.

During his reign in the 80s, King Yellowman was said to be, one of the most verbally
nimble toasters, with a loose, easy flow, a talent for improvisation, and a definite wit in his wordplay. True to his stage name, he was an albino, which carries a tremendous social stigma in Jamaica, his rise to stardom was unlikely, but King Yellowman's ability to ride a riddim was matchless hence, his transformation from untouchable outcast into sex symbol was staggering -- and may not even took place without his trademark lewdness which affirmed him as a sexual being and was delivered with enough humor to let the audience know that he wasn't taking himself too seriously.

Yellow Man overall achievements at the helm of the Dancehall industry during his tenor earned him the, 'King Of Dancehall" title. He became the best-selling' dancehall artiste in overall sales and brought about a change that is said to have 'epitomized dancehall penchant for 'slack lyrics' even today. King Yellow Man released over 40 singles and produced up to five albums per year.

Then came Shabba Ranks.....
Influenced by the likes of King Yellow Man, Shabba Ranks emerged in 1988 with a
popular local track called, Needle Eye Pum Pum. Between 1989-1990, he recorded mainly with producers Bobby Digital, Gussie Clarke and Steely and Clevie producing over 50 singles from which he landed several hits such as, Wicked Inna Bed, Roots and Culture, Live Blanket, Maama Man and Peeny Peeny. His album Rappin With The Ladies also produced some hit features such as the 1990s smash single, Telephone Love with songstress J.C. Lodge which became one of his first successes in the UK; Twice My Age another collaboration featuring Krystal called Mr. Lover Man and a remix of singer Deborah Glasgow's Champion Lover. Shabba Ranks was also successful in the UK from other recorded singles with Maxi Priest, Home T and Cocoa Tea.

Shabba Ranks booming growl of a voice earned him many imitators, and his sex obsessed lyrics (a continuous trait of King Yellowman) made him one of dancehall's hottest sex symbols. He was said to be, arguably the most popular dancehall toaster in the world. Shabba Ranks massive crossover success in the U.S. that included collaborations with Johnny Gill, Queen Latifah and KRS-One, landed him several RnB chart entries and made him the first dancehall artist to win a Grammy

Shabba Ranks burgeoning popularity led to a major-label deal with Epic in 1991 and a successful album, As Raw As Ever, which peaked in Top 5 on the RnB Charts and #1 on Billboard Reggae chart. His duet, The Jam with KRS-One, topped the hip-hop singles chart in 1992, Mr. Lover Man re-released as a single in the United States, following it's appearance in the film Deep Cover; peaked at #2 on the RnB charts, the Maxi Priest duet Housecall also peaked in RnB Top 5 along with Johnny Gill's Slow and Sexy nabbing three Top 5 RnB entries. The Shabba Ranks 'X-Tra Naked' album which featured Ting-A-Ling and the What Cha Gonna Do, Queen Latifah duet landed him his second straight Best Reggae Album Grammy. He was so popular that two compilations of his earlier Jamaican hits namely, Rough and Ready and Mr. Maximum both charted in the U.S. in 1992 as well.

The Grunggad Arise...
The 90s was a highly competitive era in Dancehall's history. Many music talents emerged including two who would become the longest reigning artistes in the industry but not without shortcomings if only one can hold the title 'King of Dancehall'. 

Bounty Killer undoubtedly transformed Dancehall and brought about a generational shift that saw the emergence of a fleet of proteges to include Elephant Man and the scare dem crew, Vybz Kartel, Mavado and many more. Other Dancehall artistes and fans emulated Bounty Killer. His commanding voice/vocals, at the peak of his career became most dominant and effectively reigned the dub-plate era of his formative years. 

These traits separated the 'grung gad' from his once, long time rival the 'doctor' Beenie Man.  The people's Icon, grunggad, gaadfather, general and king in his own right has inspired more artistes than any other. He musical achievements includes 4 Billboard Hot 100 and US RnB/Hip-Hop chart entries from recordings/remix with the likes of The Fugees, Mobb Deep, Swiss Beats, Dawn Penn, Dennis Brown and Ken Boothe and the major collaboration 'Hey Baby' with No Doubt which peaked at #5. His 1996 album 'My Xperience' spent six months on the Billboard reggae charts and his highest record sales on a single/track comes from a No Doubt collaboration entitled "Hey Baby" which sold platinum and landed him a Grammy award. Bounty Killer has never called himself "King of Dancehall" but has publicly acknowledged his own impact and influence on the genre and fans.  

The Doc stake his claim
Beenie Man began his true ascent to stardom in the early 90s, his first hit single 'Mattie' released in 1993, reigned in his own right alongside his biggest competitors and by 1994, his reputation couldn't be beat. Beenie Man stardom was confirmed by his taking the DJ Of The Year Award that same year. He later signed to Island Records and released the seminal 'Blessed' album which included the dancehall smash "Slam".

Year 1997 proved to be his breakout year in Britain from the release of his Chevelle Franklin collaboration, "Dancehall Queen". The single along with "Who Am I" rocked its ways to the UK Top 10 chart and were both smashing local charts. By 1998 Beenie Man signed with Virgin Records, made three (3) Billboard chart entries peaking at #1 on Billboard Reggae, #7, #12 and #65 on Billboard RnB Hip-Hop Hot 100 and Top 200 album charts respectively. Beenie Man hits across the US included tracks 'Romie',  'Who Am I' featuring American Pop singer Mya as well as a remake of a track called 'Dude'. He also landed a major duet titled, 'Feel It Boy' featuring Janet Jackson in 2002 and recorded with Wyclef Jean and the Fugee, Arturo Sandoval. Beenie Man is the proud recipient of a MOBO and Grammy Awards respectively. 

The king of sale emerged.......

Super-Star Dancehall artist Sean Paul asserted himself in the industry like never before selling 1,228,148 units for his 1992 Interscope label produced album, "The Trinity". The album produced five big hits including the US Hot Billboard 100 chart topper, "Temperature". The track hit Canada, France, and Australia Top 10 and 20 charts respectively landing Sean Paul the 2007 Grammys 'Song Of Year' Award and sold 1 million digital downloads. In 2008 Sean Paul hit 20 charts across the world with the lowest peaked chart position #22. His music has been certified GOLD in 5 countries, Australia, Denmark, Japan, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, 4x platinum in the US, 4x platinum and silver in the United Kingdom.

Sean Paul went #1 on more radio stations and music charts across the world than any other. He is also the proud recipient of more major music awards such as three (3) Grammys, four (4) MOBOs, MTV, BET, ASCAP and Soul Train awards than any other Dancehall artiste. Historically Sean Paul is the highest selling Dancehall artiste of all time.

Without a doubt he created history in Dancehall his massive achievement according to Billboard writer Pat Meschino has made him, 'King of Dancehall'. "It's purely based on numbers, its nothing about artists creativity or anyone perception as an album being the best or better than the other nine so its based on numbers.." she said in an interview.

Make way for the peoples king 
most influential, most creative, most controversial 'Di Teecha' a whole new story be continued!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Shaka Pow On The Move

Shaka Pow and Abby Dallas
Medical Practioner and Dancehall artist Shaka Pow is relentless in his efforts to stay afloat in the highly competitive Dancehall music arena in Jamaica.  His medical practice does not get in the way of finding time to record, represent his brand or promote his music. As the father of two (2) lovely children extend further, his interest in the local music industry, preparations are underway to launch his independent Outfytt Record label in 2017.

With a string of tracks off popular riddims floating across the airwaves throughout the year, Shaka Pow seek to tun up the energy that is fueling the most popular track out of the fleet called, "No Ice Cream Love" featuring One Jam Records singer/songwriter Abby Dallas. Produced by Wee Pow on the Real Rock riddim, No Ice Cream Love, is a rendition of the original Johnny Osbourne's Coxson Dodd/Jackie Mitto Studio One recording, and has been getting favorable rotation across radio both locally and internationally prompting the duo and their teams to increase promotion on their video which depict the old skool, roots rock, 90s reggae/dancehall vibe behind it. WATCH!

Shaka Pow's music is intentionally void of the challenges and responsibility in his practice as an Obstetrics and Gynaecologist, leaning more towards fun, comedy and social activities that captures the artist in him that his own family recognized as a toddler but had been set aside in his pursuit to fulfill his dream as a teenager in forth form at St. Catherine High School to practice medicine. 

Since his introduction to the Dancehall music industry, Shaka Pow has had successes with his dj craft namely, with the release of his 2009 dance track 'Rubba Bounce' ft. Samboni. The track wreaked havoc across sections of the Dancehall industry locally and internationally with high concentration among dancehall fans in Germany and Japan who are driven and enlightened by Jamaican dance choreography.

While some find it hard to compare the Doc and the artiste, dancehall fans thinks Shaka Pow is 'really cool' and a fun, energetic individual who embraces his Jamaican culture wholesomely. Follow and engage the real dancehall doctor Shaka Pow and 'Outfytt General' on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to comment on his music and videos and subcribe to his channel.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Road To Stardom - A story of persistence drive and building a music career

"It's amazing how people hate or look down on others like me but yet almost daily I encounter youths who refuse to do 'dem work yah' shamelessly ask me 'fi a ting' (money) to sustain their smoking/drinking habit"

The official name of one of the most stigmatized jobs in Jamaica is landscaping, also known as gardening or 'gardener work' pronounced, 'giadna werk' in the Jamaican language. The skill of tending plants and maintaining lawns or simply undertaking the responsibility of keeping someones yard in 'tip top shape' is an unlikely job especially among young adults. But the craft provides income for many including upcoming reggae/dancehall artist Papi Kat and he is proud of the fact that his job has made him independent being able to provide for his family and invest in his music career. 

Young and ambitious, persistent, focus and hard working best describes Papi Kat a 'giadna' by day and aspired artist by night putting in some 18 hours of work, six days per week and seven days in the studio.  He compose and produces his own music, consistently making amends with each song in his drive to strive for perfection, "Its amazing how people hate or look down on others like me but yet almost daily I encounter youths who refuse to do 'dem work yah' shamelessly ask me 'fi a ting' (money) to sustain their smoking/drinking habit."  However being Anthony Simmonds, the son of Lurline Barnett and Roman Simmonds and remembering some dark days in his own life, Papi Kat confessed, "mi gi dem still cause the struggle is real but while stretching mi hand to give I never miss an opportunity to encourage dem same way to go do something. Leave the street, get a likkle job!" Papi Kat advised his peers.

Within two years of working on one set of songs, Papi Kat has moved on from more than five young producers in search of the right formula for his music, "I have people who critique my music and if they can't give it a pass I'm back in studio doing my homework" he said. "I've released these songs because I have a lot more to work on but the experience this far has been self assuring." A responsible individual Papi is known among his peers to keep working toward his goals relentlessly. After-all, he grew up in a rural coffee farming community about 10 miles north east of Kingston called Content Valley District and became popular in school from winning 'dj clash' competitions when his motive had always been a way of earning money to buy himself lunch.

Papi Kat's music takes listeners on his hard fought journey. Each track tell its own story both lyrically and musically which makes Papi's career path rather interesting to follow.  This artiste is transforming himself and his career into a social media character. His first official track called 'Hush Mama' is a chilling rendition of a heartbreaking moment in in his life. An unforgettable day he recalled going home to find his mother in tears and discovered his brother and eldest sibling was killed by the police in a case of mistaken identity (click to listen Hush Mama). The track is the creation of Papi Kat who collaborated on it with his compatriot and upcoming artiste Renzo. Although not perfectly crafted, 'Hush Mama' is relatable where even today, innocent black men are still being murdered at the hands of the police whose job is to serve and protect.

Unrelenting Papi Kat released his second official single, 'Pot A Goal' (Black Woman) with
noticeably much more improvement when compared to his first and took a step further on his musical mission by releasing a follow up video to go with it.  The music is about his life and with no bars held when it gets personal. The 'juice' in a nutshell is about a heartbroken woman, lost, confused and facing rejection by her spouse, found true love at the pinnacle of her dilemma, her love interest turn out to be a praying Papi Kat

Not afraid of taking bold steps and channeling his dream to reality, Papi vouch to do things differently, his way, "Usain Bolt, Shellyann Fraser-Pryce and Elaine Thompson have all come from humble beginnings" he said. "I feel like success taste better when you achieve it out of nothing and I want to be a standard bearer of this trait in my community because I know those athletes have inspired many young athletes across Jamaica and brought hope for many young people on the corner. Education is a must but if you just have talent alone you can get somewhere too. Just use your talent to get enough money even and then send yourself back to school" said Papi Kat. The story continues in the music, follow, watch, listen.


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Richie Stephens and Ska Nation Band Heads to Hollywood

Singer Richie Stephens and The Ska Nation Band are heading to Hollywood in November. The Ska group earned a nomination for 'Best Reggae Album' at the 7th annual Hollywood Music In Media Awards (HMMA) that takes place on Thursday, November 17, 2016 at The Fonda Theater.

The nomination comes less than a year after the release of the group's debut studio album Internationally, which include hit singles Fire, Fire, Foundation, Internationally featuring Sud Sound System, Kingston Salento and Original Style featuring Sean Paul and Gentleman, Images Newsletter reports.

"Wow! God is truly amazing! We are overwhelmed to have earned our first nomination at the HMMA Awards. I am fired up about how things are going with us so far" said Stephens from his home in Kingston, Jamaica.

Ska Nation Band member Papa Leu was just as elated, "this first nomination is a special moment in my music career that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I would like to thank our fans, especially those here in Italy, the rest of Europe, Jamaica, the USA  and Canada. We also thank our management team for believing in us" Leu noted.

The 2016 HMMA recognized and honors the music of visual mediums including film, TV, movie trailers, video games, commercial and music videos for both mainstream and independent artists from around the glove. The awards event features live music performances, celebrities appearances, award presentations, an exclusive VIP reception and a dinner banquet.


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bounty Killer and Kunley McCarthy's Global TV Success With NIKE!

Bounty Killer and Ward 21 group member and music producer Kunley McCarthy are both currently enjoying some serious success globally in the TV world.

Both have been featured on and have a publishing interest in the Santigold single "Kicking Down Doors".  The song is currently being used in the world-wide NIKE/Olympic TV advert according to a release as well as, is going to be used in the new major network TV show "At Home With The Hones'.

Both Bounty and Kunley have also been featured on Major Lazer's recent multi-platinum album. These deals were put together by publisher Othman Mukhlis (Abood Music / Jamdown). Abood Music represent a large number of Jamaican and international artists and producers including DSR, Skatta, the Jacksons. Daz Dillenger and many many more...


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Love and Conflict Can't Share The Same House - Sophia Squire

Reggae songbird Sophia Squire has released yet another powerhouse of a track called "Love and Conflict" produced by Global Flex Records.

Known for her thought provoking reggae love songs, the Love Don't Hurt songstress who's music is a continual empowerment for women has found another relatable topic on the subject of relationship goals to sing about. Overcoming obstacles and maintaining a healthy relationship has been the focus of this queen's message from day one and she is so blessed to be able to effectively convey her thoughts in the manner in which she does.  Sophia Squire's music is sheer reality and it's that rawness that makes her the powerhouse she is.

Fresh off a recent performance in Germany at Reggae Jam the most anticipated reggae festival of the year, Sophia delivers on her first recording the new joint, Love and Conflict. According to her, this song, "just came to me upon hearing the riddim" and, "was recorded during one of my best moments in the studio."  As for her energy at the time of recording the track she said reminiscing on how the crowd accepted her full performance at Reggae Jam, "was still fresh in my mind" and brought her to a place where she felt comfortable doing what she feels is her god-given purpose.

"Nothing feels better than performing. It's a joy to see people happy and that's what I live for and what I appreciate about my job. I put a smile on someone's face or help another person come face to face with their fears and that's rewarding" she said.

As radio pumps the Love and Conflict track the hook, "love and conflict cant share the
same house like an angel with the devil as a spouse, no peace one must get thrown out.." sticks, and some have started to question the former back-ground vocalist of the late Gregory Isaac own personal relationship which she manage to keep a secret for a long time. This question made her laugh hard saying in between coughs, "I'm a lover, and that's all I will say about that." Still in the dark? Well don't be no more, click to listen Love and Conflict by Sophia Squire.