Monday, July 10, 2017

Sativa D Black1 Shares How He Stay Motivated

"Oh Jah I feel so proud how you a check on I.." lyrics from Sativa D Black1 latest track "Check On I" off the CashFlow Productions, Comfort Riddim. The 'Petty Thief" singer shares how he stay motivated and the inspiration behind the song, " No matter what I'm going through I have to think positive it's just my way of life. Nothing good comes from making oneself worried and frustrated even though these feelings comes naturally, but as much as I can, I keep myself motivated by accepting what I'm going through and constantly give thanks to the almighty for checking in on I despite these challenges."

 "Check On I" has boosted likes, follows and interest across the artiste social media network, "I love this song from the first time I heard it" one fan posted, " a di next big star from Linstead" posted another. "The people dem also keep mi going enuh" said Sativa D Black1. "It's a two-way cycle. Me sing about my life and life in general, things happening around me and the people dem gravitate to dis, draw strength from it and den turn roun and encourage me. You know what is the nicest part? Most of these people don't know me personally." 

Hardwork and dedication has kept Sativa busy across the island with live performance and appearances, "sometimes going out there is all I can think of. My comfort zones are the beach/river, studio and on stage. I want to be with the people, around them and I love nature so places like the beach or river keeps me calm. I then bring all of these good energy to studio and create music reflecting the peace within me." 

While his music breaks ground in places like Uganda where "Petty Thief" is said to be "frequently played in bars and lounges",Kenya, Ghana, Gambia and the UK, Sativa D Black1 works even harder because he understands that his music gives hope to a lot of people or simply relaxes them. "Suffering is terrible! Many times I give away my last dollar because I know some suffer more than some. Some people are hopeless and its not by choice. Some people cannot even begin to think about a future much less envision one, what do you say to that person?"

An entertainer at heart, Sativa D Black1's love for reggae/dancehall music and culture has paved the way for a musical experience that knows no bounds.  "Check On I" gives an insight on how he handles stress and stay motivated as well create a feeling of hope for everyone's daily life experiences, "trod wid di most high only, him a mi shield so no time me nuh lonely..." more lyrics from Check On I by Sativa D Black1. 

You can only live your dream if you keep them alive. Motivation is necessary for this to happen. Music helps in this area and this artiste, Sativa D Black1 through his own music contributes to the cause. Check out his music on youtube and follow him on social media @sativadblack1. 

Written by: Sophia McKay

Monday, June 26, 2017

Chronixx dweet for the love...

Just one of those short stories that explains itself and leaves you smiling 



Saturday, June 24, 2017

Kurt Legacy flex with 'Xstasy' in the dancehall

Kurt Legacy
When you say Kurt Legacy a different type of sexy comes to mind when thinking about a Reggae/Dancehall song/artiste. When one think of the lifestyle and culture of Jamaicans, from time to time an artiste best depict varying aspects of such

Kurt Legacy has relaunched his music career in 2017 after taking a break in 2013, "when I just came out I knew I was not too early but felt like there was something else I needed to do." he said. Now he has resurfaced hotter than before with sizzling single 'Xstasy' and a smooth Reggae ballad called "All My Love," both imprints of what he brings to the Jamaican Music Industry.

In the 90s Dancehall fans enjoyed the sultry sounds of 'Ghost' on the Michael Jackson remake, Do You Remember. They became accustom to the hardcore sounds of Mad Cobra's Billboard hit Flex and, nowadays, intoxicated with the likes of a Dexta Daps/Tifa Jealous Ova!

Kurt Legacy
Kurt Legacy's "Xstasy" not only compliments the trend of music, talent and sounds between then and now but in the era of social media, has once again unearthed the soft, smooth and sultry vibe enjoyed by Dancehall fans. As for his reggae vibe, Kurt's "All My Love" single fits well among reggae selections that include the likes of a Christopher Martin's Is It Love song or a Romain Virgo's brand new track called, Now. "All My Love" by Kurt Legacy enhances the mood of love or love making and set the tone for a wonderful moment. 

It is safe to say the music of Jamaica, be it Dancehall or Reggae captures a great deal of worrying social issues, and by no doubt is influential. There are so many 
songs by so many popular Jamaican artistes floating around the internet daily that reiterates the cause and effect of some of these problems directly or indirectly. Yet many fail to recognize that for those among the fans whose minds are able to decipher the difference between good and bad, wrong and right, motivational and demoralizing searches for, or is drawn to, the type of music that emanate that kind of energy. While others, in a society where more emphasis is placed on negativity, moral standards no longer uphold, indiscipline thrives and leadership uninspiring, by no doubt searches for, or is drawn to music that emanates that type of energy also simply because it is by which they live.

Kurt Legacy is the subject of love. He comes with an energy that tones things down a notch. After all, no matter how hype one gets, in the midst of the storm is calm. One solution to some of the problems we face is that we all need to take it down a notch! Tone it down! Cool it! Put our best foot forward! Face Everything and Rise EP comes soon. "Xstasy" comes with a brand new video and a promising outlook for New Hites Production main man, Kurt Legacy

Written by: Sophia McKay
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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Jah Check On I- The Prayer You Say When Going Out and Coming In

Sativa D Black 1 has released a promising new track off the Comfort Zone riddim produced by Cashflow Records. The spirited song entitled "Jah Check On I" is prayer-like, giving thanks to the most high for his protection and blessing.

"Jah Check On I" unveils the spiritual side of this rastafarian singer who is best known for his popular "Petty Thief" song. From his stage performances and delivery on other tracks such as "Ungrateful" and "Walk Har Out" off the CharmB Production label that are surfing across the airwaves, the reggae singer with his unique style and sound continues to impress fans, increase his following and represent his Jamaican brand to the fullest. 

"Jah Check On I" - is the latest track to hit the airwaves by +SATIVA D BLACK1 


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Nesbeth to Inmates - What Sense Does It Makes To Carry Around an Illegal Weapon

"You are all in here for various reasons none of which I know, but here is something I want you to think about..." 

In a recent visit to the Spanish Town Adult Correctional facility, where he was asked to mentor and perform, Jamaican singjay, Nesbeth took time out to admonish inmates about criminality according to a release. His dream is to see a better Jamaica in which offenders can be reintegrated into society as productive and upstanding citizens. During one of the many segments of his performance, Nesbeth alluded to lyrics from his current single, New Gangster to prove how un-necessary it is to portray a gangster image, "bad and still hungry a luu (meaning nonsense) gangster.."

As the artiste seek to drive home his message to the inmates he told them, "you are all in here for various reasons none of which I know, but here is something I want you to think about. What sense does it makes to carry around an illegal weapon that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and yet can't find food to eat?  As much as this may sound like a joke growing up in the inner-city I have seen some 'supposed gangsters' walking around with guns that weigh more than them. They don't even have the energy to lift it up properly. The money you take to buy that gun could be used to start up a small business to better yourselves and your families."

The inmates showed their approval for his message and performance with a rousing applause. He then left Jamaica for Ohio where he gave another impressive performance. A video for "New Gangster" is currently in the making.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sativa D Black 1 Rocks Kite Festival 2017 Jamaica

"Success in no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do." ~Pele~

Watch @SativaDBlack1 live performance at Kite Festival 2017 held at Priory St. Ann on April 17, the epitome of one striving for success!


Saturday, April 1, 2017

Papi Kat Set To Release New And Improved Singles

After months, the artiste Papi Kat has finally completed two new and improved singles called, "Ghetto Life" and "Inna Dem Feelings." If you have been following this artiste on his Road To Stardom these singles are his best work yet when compared to the 2016 release "Pot of Gold" and others released in the past. 

"Ghetto Life" echoes hardship but the effort put into creating and releasing the song is commendable. Papi told NIPnews how he felt this time around working on these tracks, "there were times when mi feel like I'm moving at snail's pace but mi truly enjoy every moment of laying the tracks down and getting them mastered because mi learned so much" he said.

With the help of Studio Engineer Noel "NJ" Small who has worked with the likes of young reggae giants Teflon and Jahmiel, a now settled Papi Kat gets into the music asking the question, "whey you know bout ghetto life?" then proceeded to answer with a run down of what it is, listen.... 

"Ghetto Life" follows a trendy, "Inna Dem Feelings" Dancehall/Hip-Hop infused single. The type of song that mimicks detractors light-heartedly with street-slangs.  Both songs are scheduled for an official release April 20th, 2017.

"When God is in the plan you can never go wrong, a song is never a song until you sing it, a door is never a door until you swing it, love has no use until you give it. My people remember this, love is the answer and God is the way!" ~@PapiKatMusic~ 

By: Sophia McKay
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Chart Wise - Queen Ifrica Nabs Billboard Reggae Top Spot with New Album

One of our favorite female reggae artiste Queen Ifrica has hit Billboard Reggae #1 spot with her latest studio album "Climb" on it's debut of that chart. According to a release "Climb" has been receiving rave reviews from fans and music critics alike for its timely messages and inspirational lyrics. "Queens is a fearless explorer and a serious voice for the voiceless who works very hard to perfect her craft" Tony Rebel.

The video and first single "Trueversation" featuring Damian Jr. Gong Marley and released ahead of the album gets the thumbs up from fans likewise, "Black Woman" which exemplifies her commitment to raising consciousness and esteem, admonishes young women to protect and value their sexuality and self. "Ask My Granny" our favourite also makes the 17 track listing of pure reggae music goodies. "I just want to thank everyone that supported me from day one, you are always in my heart, please continue to support good music, you are my inspiration. Blessings." ~Queen Ifrica~.

Definately one for the collection, be sure to pick up a copy and "Climb" with Reggae Queen Ifrica.


Saturday, March 11, 2017

It Takes Two To Make A Quarrel

Sativa and the Legend Bob Marley museum 
After making a favourable impact with his comical "Petty Thief" track off the YGF Records label, the assertive Jamaican reggae/dancehall artiste Sativa D Black 1 teased fans with a new single entitle, "Walk Har Out" on the CharmB Production label. 

Unlike Petty Thief, "Walk Har Out" takes on a more serious tone as Sativa gets tough on men. Appropriately introduced to his social media fans on International Women's Day as a tribute and musical contribution to the growing support of women by male reggae and dancehall artistes. The lyrics from this Walk Har Out track gives a riveting account of domestic violence.

If the music is reflective of what goes on in the society, then it will not always be positive and uplifting. Some underlying issues that stems from it are almost, always hard to accept. The messages are all too clear, "Walk Har Out" for example is descriptive. Issues such as domestic violence, suicide, child molestation and murder to name a few develop as much as a child does. Some songs highlight those hard issues while others offer hope. The music however, was not designed to create a balance between the issues that inspire its good and bad. Rather, it creates awareness and the need to have dialogue on solving those problems. 

Sativa D Black 1 introduced himself on the Jamaican music scene as a survivor of a distressed family (click to listen Irie FM Elise Kelly sit down interview with Sativa on "Heart Mind and Soul to Soul"). His childhood years were marred with irregularities borne out of social issues he would not have understood then or able to control. Now as an adult the father of two is driven to share his stories not only for the purpose of entertainment but to show other families going through what he experience that he overcome, understanding the enormity of the problem and its impact on families in general. Keep up with Sativa D Black 1 on social media +SATIVA D BLACK1 watch how he delivers and how people embrace his music.

Writer: Sophia McKay