Friday, November 28, 2014

Mr. Vegas Makes Beyonce's Self-titled Platinum Edition Album

Mr. Vegas
Mr Vegas struck a major milestone in his career and is basking in the outcome. Last year Mr. Vegas got word that world reknown Superstar Beyonce wanted to have him on a remix. He along with Danny and Cleveland Brown worked on the mix which was forwarded to Beyonce's camp. Queen Bey got in laying what sounds like some Jamaican/Latino inspired DJ styled verses and.....

The outcome? 'Standing On The Sun' remix featuring Mr. Vegas. Although the track was leaked, it subsequently made the third new cut on the Platinum edition of Beyonce's pioneering visual album BEYONCE. "This can only be a good look for reggae music. I am on the album of the most powerful woman in music, her fans now know Mr. Vegas and will start checking out my music" Vegas said in a release.

Mr. Vegas becomes the second Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall artiste to work with the Superstar, in 2003 worldwide acclaimed Reggae/Dancehall superstar Sean Paul recorded the
collaboration 'Baby Boy' with Beyonce for her 2003 debut studio album Dangerously in Love on Columbia Records label. Baby Boy topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart for nine consecutive weeks, and was Beyonce's longest-running solo number-one single until 2007. It also reached the top ten in many countries and was certified platinum in Australia and the U.S.

Mr Vegas recently released an all reggae inspired album entitled Reggae Euphoria now distributed by Latin superstar Pitbull, Mr 305 Records. He has worked with other international superstars such as Wyclef Jean, DMX, fast rising R and B superstar Jason Derulo as well as landed a featured collab on Snoop Dogg's reggae album 'Reincarnated' which topped Billboard Reggae chart and held the number one spot for several weeks.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Wishes Just for You

Thanksgiving Day in America is one of the best days I have spent with family. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from us here at New Image Promotions, hope you enjoy this lil gif we have put together for you.  

"Let gratitute be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer" ~Maya Angelou~

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Reggae/Dancehall Artistes Poster Picks

As we continue to enjoy some of the most interesting photos shared by the artistes on social media, we can't help but pick a few special ones.  This week, some of what we saw would make some great 'Poster Picks.' "How would you 'caption these?"

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Robert Burchell Lands Major Live Performance Gig in Jamaica on Christmas Day

Robert Burchell will be performing on Christmas Day at the GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza in Jamaica. What better way, can an artiste whose career only just got started at the beginning of the year 
Mr and Mrs Robert Burchell
bring it to a close, than that of a live performance on one of the most highly anticipated annual events and in front of an audience he is most exposed.

Robert Burchell, the Jamaican musician of 25 years turned artiste and entrepreneur founder of Burchell Upholstery/Mountain Top Villas, answered that question as well as prove, that whatever the mind conceive it will achieve when he landed another major live performance in his 11 month old career, the GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza which will be held in St. Elizabeth Jamaica.

Robert Burchell's singing career got under January 2014. Since, he has graced the stage of the 22nd African Caribbean International Festival of Life (IFOL) in Chicago which saluted the independent countries of Africa, the Caribbean, Central America, South America and Mexico with the center piece July 4th Carnival of Nations.  He has also met audiences of various demographic across Jamaica and the Caribbean in over 20 interviews and entertainment news features, became the 'Artiste of the Week' upon his debut entry on a music chart, the Stampede Street Chart and hit Number 1 after steadily climbing the Pree Dis video chart where both charts are Jamaica base. A great year it has certainly been for this hard working man of many hats, father, husband, musician, entrepreneur, caregiver and artiste. Robert Burchell is still basking from the consistent airplay of his "Never Judge a Book" single off his sophomore album Agapeacross Jamaica, the Caribbean, UK and Africa and graced the pages of the L3 Magazine November issue.

Now what better way to end the year than to perform before a home audience on Christmas Day, December 25, Robert Burchell said, "personally, this is a step in the right direction.  The aim it to get exposure wherever and whenever I can.  The feedback from family, friends, fans and well wishers in regards to my work is encouraging so this one is for them." The highly anticipated GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza event will feature Robert Burchell as well as a line up of some of the most popular dancehall and reggae artistes in Jamaica and is organized by radio host GT Taylor of Irie FM and will be held at Independence Park, Black River, in the parish of St. Elizabeth.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Etana's 'I Rise' Album Celebration New York

Etana in action at SOBs in New York
Beneath the brisk air and pulse of New York City, Caribbean entertainment gurus Irish and Chin welcomed a packed house of Reggae music fans to celebrate Etana's iconic new album "I rise" (VP Records).  Adding to the impressive album launch was top Reggae crooner Duane Stephenson, who impeccably delivered classic tunes and prime selections from his acclaimed 'Dangerously Roots' album also on the VP Records imprint.  As Real Reggae music took center stage a Roots infused musical experience overcame the historic venue.

The soulful Reggae songstress Etana commenced her memorable performance with 'Haile Selassie is the Chapel.'  Her flawless vocals filled the famed SOBs and set the standard for the rest of her impressive set. Fans were enthralled with Etana's rich vocals on songs including 'How Long', 'On My Way', 'Passing Thru' and 'Ward 21' among other album gems. The energy and excitement of the crowd peaked as the chanteuse belted out popular singles from the album, including 'Richest Girl', 'I Rise' and 'Jamaican Women.'

"It was so nice to see old and brand new fans...I was truly overwhelmed with hoy!" says Etana about the successful New York City album launch.  "I especially filled with pride as I walked in the venue and later on in the night, experience fans singing many of my songs from 'I Rise' and old favourites from previous albums verbatim."

"I have to say that the vibes were were listening, rocking, singing, dancing and even pulling up selections (reewinding dancehall  I can't help but thank all of my fans for the support," the soulful singer adds.  "I appreciate the event's promoters Irish and Chin for believing in me from then til' now and their incessant efforts. Of course, I salute VP Records, as the album wouldn't have been possible without their vision."

One couldn't help but groove to the radically smooth sounds of Duane Stephenson, who
Duane Stephenson
serviced as the ideal co-star for this concert.  There were lots of "Cool Runnings" as Duane crooned songs from his magical "Dangerously Roots" album.  The singer also amazed the crowd with favourites like "August Town" and the outstanding cover of "Little Cottage in Negril."

Notably, the album launch was chock full of industry and media professionals. Even fellow artists Lady Saw, U.K. sensation Randy Valentine and Shuga dropped in for the celebration.  

Irish and Chin who in a release was said to be pleased by the successful event said, "Etana's hard work and success will not only benefit her, but also aid other females acts, as they rise to greatness!"

Source: Images Newsletter

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Throw Back - 20 Years Since Bounty Killer's Powerful 'Down In The Ghetto' Single

Words of beatmaker Echo Slim who was recently highlighted for his reworks of the classic Bob Marley and Super Cat remix on LargeUp dot com, takes us back to 1994 when he first encountered Bounty Killer and his impression of the powerful single, "Down In The Ghetto."

Its the fall of 1994.....relocating from the outskirts of usually chilly Toronto to the tropical climate of Miami.  I immediately immerse myself in the local sound system culture. Already being familiar with iconic deejays such as Super Cat, Shabba Ranks, Ninja Man, Tiger, Papa San and other greats, I almost flipped when I first heard one of the most unique voices in the history of music

"Well, dis one called Down Inna Di Ghetto, none otha den the mighty Bounty Killa...."

Ms Ivy's son, aka the Warlord, aka Rodney Price instantly earned my respect when I heard the classic 'Down In The Ghetto' or as Killer actually says it, 'Down Inna Di Ghetto.'

Bounty was straight dropping knowledge behind the mesmerizing horns and sick bass line of the Shank I Sheck riddim.  It's sad that many of my friends and I could relate to this song living in America, the suppposed land of equality - whether that be racial equality, socio economic equality or just overall, equal opportunity for all citizens.  I can only imagine what Bounty saw happening in Jamaica at the time with his own eyes.  This song along with many other classic gens, solidified his legacy as the defender of the poor, and earned him the title, "poor people's govenor."

Bounty never shot a music video for "Down Inna The Ghetto" and quite frankly, a music video could never really portray the realness of such a powerful song.  However, if you wish to see what inspired the song, you can't do better than this documentary segment from Jamaican TV show Entertainment Report which follows Bounty Back to Callaloo Bed in Riverton City, one of the impoverished areas where he grew up.  The segment gave me even more of an appreciation for this classic song, and Bounty's entire catalog.  


Saturday, November 15, 2014

New Kabaka Pyramid Mix CD to Drop Soon

Titled, 'The Lyricist' the mix CD showcases the talent and lyrical ability of Kabaka Pyramid
who has been recently dubbed the conscious revolutionary lyricist, hailing from Kingston, Jamaica.  His unique style is a mixture of power, energy and melody blended with hip-hop and resonates throughout the entire mix.

"When coming up with the title it was so simple said producer Dev Kutta of Livity Movements. "So I didnt want to impose my views by calling the mix 'The Truth' I will let the listeners be the judge, but you cant deny that he is "The Lyricist."

Throughout the mix one will hear excerpts of Kabaka Pyramid discussing different issues on Reggae music and Rastafari.  He is an ever evolving artist whose musical gifts embodies his ability to creatively express himself in many ways, a trait that is evident throughout the mix.

'The Lyricist' mix CD will be released on Tuesday November 18, 2014


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Insta Hot Reggae/Dancehall Celebrity Picks


Posting pics on Instagram is a hobby and fans of artistes worldwide get hooked on just waiting for that next pic.  Check out some of our favorite IG picks.

When your friend is Drake and post a photo of you on IG.....

Or when you are Tessanne Chin and get to meet all the cool people 
#SoulTrainAwards #WolfBlitzer #theboriskodjoe #livwarfield

When the GrungGaad is feeling good about his dress code
So you go overseas and randomly run into Sean Kingston

#wayup #stayup
Or when you are Macka Diamond and record a gospel track produced by Danny Brownie

When you are JanefrFinch and share a photo with the world looking girly 

#Ifthiswasbackinthedays ....
When you are Foota Hype (Doreen Boi) and deck out in all black 
When Bounty Killer and King Jammys are in one photo 

When you taste victory 

Throw Back

When your 'Throw Back Thursday' photo is of yourself receiving an award from Will Smith
Will Smith and I #BadBoys #ShyGuy #Cannes

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rebel Salute to Honour The Late Jacob Miller

Promoters of the annual Rebel Salute event which is held at Richmond Estate in the parish
Jacob Miller
of St. Ann, will pay homage to the late roots singer Jacob Miller at it 2015 staging.

Chief organiser of the event and reggae artiste Tony Rebel, told the Jamaica Observer that the international reggae group Inner Circle whom Jacob Miller was lead singer during the late 1970s will also be a part of the tribute along with Third World band.

Inner Circle members
Jacob Miller became a prominent reggae artiste in the late 1960s when he recorded the Studio One hit single Message but his hit songs Tenement Yard and Chapter A Day that he recorded whilst with Inner City band might be his most popular tracks that people are reminded  of him.

Jacob Miller died in a car accident at age 27 in 1980.