Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Former dancer 'Bruck Up' resurface in the music industry with a new single

l-r Mavado Bruk Up and LL Cool J 
Do you remember the acrobatic dancer Bruck Up?Years after originating the wildly popular "Bruck Up" dance and becoming an International sensation in the 90s, George "Bruck Up" Adams has resurfaced, focused on pursuing a new career path within the music industry, singing.  

The now, recording artist has released a single entitled, "Cry" born out of a personal experience which he says, "was a moment that I think many men can relate..." that moment is having a beautiful woman as his own and inspired him to write a song.
Bruck Up

Bruck Up has teamed up with ace producer Teetimus, who has worked with major artistes such as Junior 'Gong' Marley, Mr. Vegas and US R and B singer, Trey Songz. The effort yielded a club-ready electronic dance sound with an intimate, reggae-night vibe - perfect for the sexy, lyrical banter he had in mind.

Bruk Up at the recent BET Awards
"Cry fi yuh body mek me see you buss a wine" Bruck Up flows on the chorus of the single.  Recognizing the need to keep the single radio-friendly, the team has found the right balance and has come up with a song that is merely borderline edgy and which is already being embraced by radio, both in the US and in Jamaica.

Bruck Up, has been doing the rounds in the US, attending award functions, including the recent BET Awards show says he is quite confident that dancehall fans will be moved in a huge way by this single. "Dancehall is the link that keeps me grounded, wherever I am" he says. He performs on the upcoming NY concert, "Anything Goes" to be held at Club Amazuru, September 5.


Good things comes to those who wait

After years of grinding the day finally came when the, "Taste Victory Tour" by  Roots/Reggae artiste Nesbeth gets underway. A cherry cheek, rather cool looking Nesbeth shares a priceless moment in his career, his first ever tour across Europe. Here are a few photos and you can keep up with his every move while on tour by following him on social media +Greg Nesbeth 

Nesbeth and Back Up Vocalist and Dancers #TasteVictoryTourGermany
After a great performance on Reggae Jam in Germany, Nesbeth continues his journey stopping in Belgium for Reggae Geel Saturday August 1st, then on to Italy...

Nesbeth back-up vocalists and mgmt Shanika Dobson
The team is having fun check out this cameo video his dancers put together and stay connected as we bring you update from his performances


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Young Marleys out here staking their claim

As the sons of Bob Marley grow older, their sons have already begun to stake their claim in the music industry. This family tradition is admirable.  With one of the younger Marley's signing off on a distribution deal with Chris Blackwell, we wanted to capture the young guns in this space and share with you, any recent development and/or highlight this clan, the 'Marleys Next Generation.'

The son of Cedella Marley and grand-nephew of Marcia Griffiths, known simply as' Skip" debut his single "Cry To Me" on the Tuff Gong International label, written, arranged by him, as well as co-produced along with Paul Fakhourie (Lauryn Hill, Stephen Marley, Damian Marley and Nas). 'Skip' recently signed a publishing deal with Blue Mountain Music, owned and operated by legendary, PR mogul Chris Blackwell who signed his Grandfather, Bob Marley in the 70s. Blackwell said he is looking forward to working with Skip Marley who "has so much to offer." The deal will cover all of the works on Skip Marley's release for Tuff Gong International. Skip Marley, 19, says he wants to "spread positivity through music." He will join with his uncles Stephen and Damian Marley at the end of August 2015 as they travel across the United States on their month-long Catch Fire tour. Check out 'Cry To Me' by Skip click here

Jo Mersa Marley

The eldest son of Stephen Marley, Jo Mersa's follows in the footsteps of his father, uncles and grandfather producing his own music. He made his decision to pursue the musical path of his family at age 11 making beats with a MIDI Production Center or Music Production Controller (MPCs) before his uncle Ziggy Marley contributed an Apple laptop and along with his cousins, used the Garage Band software made beats. Jo Mersa's first major performance came at around age 4 when he appeared onstage alongside his father, uncle Ziggy and aunts Cedella and Sharon, then, the Melody Makers. Jo Mersa recorded a track with female Reggae crooner, Etana entitled "Thy Will Be Done" as well as Reggae's royal family, Morgan Heritage called "Light It Up." But his single entitled, "Comfortable" is our favourite song by him  click to watch

Daniel Bambaata Marley
"It's not like I just grew up with reggae culture" Daniel Bambaata Marley told Rollingstone Magazine. The oldest son of Ziggy Marley's first solo effort is a track entitled "Live It Inna Fear" produced by Damian Marley on the Ghetto Youths International label. In 2011 he contributed his musical stylings to his father's "Wild and Free" album, on a song called, "Changes." He also recorded with Jo Mersa on a track entitled "My Girl." Daniel has recorded over melodic reggae rhythms as well as vintage hip-hop. What do you think about Daniel's most recent release click here 


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jah Cure's album 'The Cure' has hit Billboard Reggae #1 in it's first week

"The Cure" album released on VP Records label and recorded by Jah Cure has hit #1 on Billboard Reggae Albums chart this week. A very good album we might add, "The Cure" is everything it was promised to be, a typical reggae lover's rock album and, an expectation from Reggae's Mr Lover himself, Jah Cure, that is met.  
Here's the latest on 'The Cure' by Jah Cure.

With his beguiling vocals and soulful conviction, one of Jamaica's greatest voices effortlessly blends street poetry and sufferer's tales with beautiful love ballads into one cohesive collection. The 13-track set is a return to roots reggae and lover's rock with R and B and pop-fused elements. Jah Cure is currently touring in support of the release, covering Europe's summer music festival circuit.

Critics have already begun to sing their praises of the new
"one of the most anticipated albums of 2015...Cure remains one of the greatest living reggae singes" Mass Appeal

"..his best album yet....evidence that Jah Cure is among the most talented and influential Jamaican artists of the modern roots era." - MusicSnake

"....timeless reggae....got the musical remedy for all...making the likes of Bob Marley smile from the heavens" - ARTISTdirect

ARTISTdirect also premiered the new "gorgeous" song "Show Love" off the album

Aidonia's song included in the 2015 World Dance Hip Hop Championship; touts new album

Remember the Jabbawockeez? #2012 WHHDC competitors
As Dancehall artiste Aidonia seek to re-establish his brand with an aim to achieve Dancehall's now, "Leading Entertainer" moniker, one of his latest singles, "Pon Di Pole' was featured in a promotional video for the 2015 staging of the World Hip Hop Dance Championship.  With a steadily increased trend across the US Hip-Hop music industry of incorporating elements of Reggae and Dancehall in the music, Aidonia's team cease the opportunity to highlight the move which comes in tandem with their promotional strategy, and them recognising that their work is far reaching.

Now the Hip-Hop World Championship is an international hip-hop dance competition that was created in 2002 by  Hip Hop International which is based in Los Angeles, California and is the producer of multiple live and televised street dance competitions including MTV's Randy Jackson produced, America's Best Dance Crew, the USA Hip Hop Dance Championship, the World Hip Hop Dance Championship and the World Battles and Urban Moves Dance Workshops. Hip Hop International is recognized in more than 100 countries and the competition have seen participants in the past from across the world.

So any type of acknowledgement surrounding this event/competition is good for any artiste, especially one who's seeking to become the face of a genre. In a release Aidonia said, "it's a great look for the career and we have to say respect to the organizers of that championship and to all the people who were responsible for that video."  And rightly so, if your song has been chosen among thousands for the advertisement of such an event. 

World Hip Hop Dance Championship is slated for August 3 - 9 and will be held in San Diego, California. Meanwhile, Aidonia is set to release a new 10 track album called "Project Sweat" and according to him it's "jus sit'en fi di girl dem enjoy. Sum'n whey dem can just go suh and press play and just get inna di mood and jus listen di 10 song dem str88888...A mad sit'en" he said.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Insta Hot Picks - Up To Di Time!

Lil Ms 'Tight Up Skirt' does not have to do much to be poppin
Insta-Hot picks - Instagram Posts that caught the eyes. Make a mental note of how you feel before viewing them and when you're done, ask yourself, "did this make me feel good?" Yup! that's the spirit, look and laugh, or smile here goes:-
Talking about poppin, fluffy diva host and radio personality Ms. Kitty has got that on lock
All white is alright on both Beenie Man and Jah Cure
Kabaka Pyramid got some colours in that made him stood out at Sumfest - loving the consciousness

Warning! No loose fat for Ms Mackerrr looking slim and trim, easy on the eyes #Dancehallcaanstall 


Monday, July 20, 2015

Chart Wise - The Reggae/pop hit rules again

The reggae/pop hit rules again, while The Weeknd rises to No. 2 with 'Can't Feel My Face.' The Weeknd also adds a new top 10 with 'The hills' and Major Lazer and DJ Snake also slither into the top 10.

OMI's "Cheerleader" leads the Billboard Hot 100 for a second week. The reggae/pop song fends off The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face," which pushes to No. 2 Hot 100 Music Festival headliner The Weeknd additionally reaches the top 10 with his other current single, "The Hills." Major Lazer and DJ Snake hit the top 10 with "Lean On," featuring MO more

Top 40: Swift Holds #1 Spot; OMI Runner Up; Weeknd Charging; Lazer; Skrillex/Diplo Top10; Selena, Demi Top 15; Fall Out Boy, Tori Kelly Top 20

*TAYLOR SWIFT spends another week atop the Top 40 chart "Bad Blood"
*Newcomer OMI moves into the runner up spot, rising 3*-2* with "Cheerleader" and is up 1762 spins
*THE WEEKND is now top 5 in his sixth week on the chart with "Can't Feel My Face," rising 6*-4* and climbing 2329 spins (he is 900 or so behind OMI)
*A big week for DIPLO as he goes top ten twice
*He is part of MAJOR LAZER, which rises 12*-9* with "Lean On" and is up 905 spins
*Meanwhile, he teams with SKRILLEX on "Where Are U Now," with JUSTIN BIEBER and moves 11*-10*
*Two stars who had great career with DISNEY go top 15 this week
*SELENA GOMEZ moves 16*-13* with "Cool For The Summer" - up 21*-17* and up nearly 800 spins
*TORI KELLY moves on to the top 20 as well with "Should've Been Us" up 26*-20* and up 778 spins
*5 SECONDS OF SUMMER and R. CITY featuring ADAM LEVINE land the two debut this week

Rhythmic: Weeknd New Chart Topper; OMI, Kid Ink Top 5; Fetty Wap Top 15; La Rose Top 20; Meek Mill Surges; Trey, Flo Debut

*OMI is now top 5 at Rhythmic and Top 40 as "Cheerleader" rises 7*-4* and is up 853 spins

Congratulations Omi
Hitting the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100 chart is big news and every artiste dream. Last week OMI (whom many had expected to reach #1) met the expectation of many Jamaicans and music enthusiasts and so congratulations were in order. "Cheerleader" continues to set historic trends (personal and other), surpassing 20 million streams in the UK. This comes just around the same time American rapper Kid Ink who landed a major hit on his Show Me remix featuring Chris Brown steps in on the Felix Jaehn vs. Salaam Remi Remix.

Meanwhile, several artistes/DJ, members of the Jamaican music industry and other congratulated Omi for this major accomplishment including Bounty Killer, ZJ Liquid who took to social media. We copied a few tweets to share with you.

Billboard Reggae Albums To 10
Meanwhile on Billboard's Reggae albums chart new entry and 'Greatest Gainer" 'Maestro' by Kymani Marley; SOJA's 'Amid The Noise and Haste' moves back into top 5 
#VisitJamaica Caves Resort - Negril

*Kymani Marley enters at #1 with "Maestro" 
*Soca Gold by Various artiste enters at #2
*Bob Marley and the Wailers "Easy Skankin in Boston 78" moves down *1-3*
*Rebulution moves down *2-4* with "Count Me In"
*SOJA* moves into top 5 *6-5* with "Amid The Noise and Haste"
*Byron Lee and the Dragonaires out of Top 10 up from *5-*6 with "Uptown Top Ranking" 
*Gov't Mule both albums moves down *3-7* and 6*-*8 with "Dub Side of the Mule" + the Deluxe respectively
*The Expanders down 4*-9* with "Hustling Culture"
*Morgan Heritage down *9-*10 with "Strictly Roots"


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Chronixx - Get a feel of his UK tour plus; There is social media platform specifically created for Reggae

"after his time on stage, it's certain the self-titled 'dread' will want news of his resounding success on British shores to travel far and wide. In April, he told The Voice: "Please put that in the newspaper: Chronixx is really grateful for the love he's been getting in the UK. I really want everybody to see and hear that."

We've been seeing posts of sold out venues on Chronixx UK tour and wanted to know exactly how people felt about him/his performances Even the rain took a break from its scheduled programming to enjoy the soothing sounds of Jamaican reggae sensation Chronixx the Voice UK reported, a his headline show in London's Somerset House July 12.

The outspoken artist brought a taste of Jamaica - complete with a slight glimmer of sun and support from fellow singer Dre Island - to the gloomy city, which had been beaten with spells of rain throughout the day.

Even the men's final at Wimbledon ground to a halt as the rain belted down just hours before Chronixx took to the stage. But all of that was a distant memory of when the 22-year-old, complete with his four piece band, lit up the open-air venue to a sold-out crowd.

The singer, who expressed in a earlier interview with The Voice that it sometimes feels as though his music was created specially for the UK market' opened his set with the defiant Alpha and Omega. "Uplifting mi sistren, tell ah she, Selassie I love star...Babylon di system falling, But his is just di beginning...." And true to form, the night carried a similar rebel spirit...read more

Trendy Reggae - A Reggae music social media platform of opportunities
Growing up in Jamaica, co-founder Tarique Smith started listening to music at an early
age when his mom would play 'old school' Reggae on the weekends. His love for the genre and style of music grew through the years, eventually landing himself a variety of jobs in the industry while in college. It was at college in 2011 when Tarique met Calvin Brown. They had teamed up to work on a social engineering class project assisting a local booking talent agency.

Through their work together, they began to brainstorm ideas of their own, Over a five year period, Calvin and Tarique created a social network community for both artistes and fans to connect, share, and discover one another. Trendy Reggae hopes to be a place where all can come to find and book talent world wide. The service is free, every artist, booking agent, and fans are only a few clicks away from creating relationships. 

Trendy Reggae makes provision for musicians to showcase their music to a broad audience without the stress of monthly fees while providing an unmatched network of opportunities.


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Reggae Sumfest 2015 - What the female artistes on Dancehall Night wore

At a Dancehall concert/show one of the highlights of a female artist presentation is her outfit.  Reggae Sumfest Dancehall night is one such event, it started out with host, the fluffy diva Ms. Kitty. Get a glimpse of what the female Dancehall artistes wore at the 2015 staging of Reggae Sumfest.

Ms Kitty designed and styled by Iceprincess she said. O how we wish the artistes would provide similar info  giving credit to their stylists.

Lady Saw

Ishawna - had a blast (her caption)


 As for Vanessa Bling - Everyone definition of sexy is different......nothing is sexier than a bad woman dressing classy and in full command