Saturday, May 21, 2016

Put Some Respect On The Names Of Jamaican Artistes

In an article published on FADER, Jamaican artiste Mr. Vegas called in to Hot 97 (New York) to talk about the ways Drake borrows from dancehall ---- and the ways he could give back. "It's not me taking shots at Drake," Vegas asserted. "It's like standing up for a culture that I'm a part of and I've been a part of."

Vegas says that Drake "[turned[ Beenie Man into an intro artist, like a hype man" and objects to the VIEWS album credits: "on the records that Jamaican artists are sampled, no one even sees their names." He then borrows some terminology from Birdman----"If you were really into the culture and into the artists, at least you would have put some respect on [their] names on the album."

"When a Drake or a Rihanna or anyone who has a big machine behind them----a Justin Bieber----make a dancehall record it goes to the top," Vegas continued.  "When a dancehall record is from Jamaica and we take it to other markets outside of New York, Hartford, and maybe Miami, we have a problem to get it on [radio]. If you are going to come to this culture....put [dancehall artists] on properly and give them an opportunity to create a name for themselves outside of their base market. What is so wrong with giving someone proper crediting?"

Speaking to the FADER last year, Drake addressed incorporating different source materials into his music, specifically relating to the creative process of "Hotline Bling".

"You know, like in Jamaica, you'll have a riddim and it's like, everyone has to do a song that," Drake said. "Imagine that in rap, or imagine that in RnB. Imagine if we got one beat and every single person----me, this guy, this guy, all these guys----had to do a song on that one beat. So sometimes I'll pick a beat that's a bit, like, sunnier, I guess is the word you used, than usual, and I just try my hand at it. And that's kind of what 'Hotline Bling' was. And I loved it. It's cool. I've been excited by that sort of creative process."

Here are few comments arriving from the Hot 97 interview....

Basically he is taking food out they mouth and money out they pocket. Wtf can't Ebro see? smh

+RecklessRoccTV I agree it's cultural misappropriation, ppl had gotten upset with Slim Jesus repping drill music and what happened? Slim got checked and Ebro got served in his corporate ignorance.
+RecklessRoccTV I agree it's cultural misappropriation, ppl had gotten upset with Slim Jesus repping drill music and what happened? Slim got checked and Ebro got served in his corporate ignorance.
8 mins of tears

Tharsan J 
Nah mate drake does not support his culture
Tony Willz 
salute to mr vegas he it kept 100 from start to finish, ebro wasn't tryna hear it. Yanks been using music styles from Jamaica dance hall scene and uk's grime scene for years and now that its being brought up (because social media proving ya'll takin our styles) yanks get sensitive. We know u created rap and we honor it but dont deny that american rap hasn't been influenced by other cultures drastically in recent years.

Matthew Walker 
Mr. Vegas is 100% correct and I'm disappointed in Ebro. He gets it right often, but not on this one. Especially when they are trying to rename reggae and call it "Tropical Dance" for records like Justin Beiber "Sorry" and Rihanna "Work" It's pretty disgusting, but nobody cares until it affects you directly.

Monday, May 16, 2016

At Home With The Morgan Sisters

Four sisters, four personalities, all love...

Throughout the music world the monika, 'Royal Family of Reggae' resonates with music lovers and represents the musical family group of reggae artistes and musicians, Morgan Heritage. The Morgans essence and root stems from their dad reggae veteran Denroy Morgan followed through by siblings Roy aka Gramps, Peter aka Peetah, Nakhamyah aka Lukes, Memmalatel aka Mojo and Una Morgan whose music have impacted the lives of thousands of reggae fans across the world.

The public has always had a fascination with this multi-talented family so sisters, Una, Taliba, Sandra and Takilat is set to launch a web based talk show called, "At Home With The Morgans" to give insight into their dynamics.  According to a release, the ladies have much to share and will present their insights over 12 episodes covering topics having to do with Current Events, Entertainment, Cooking, Beauty and Lifestyle. Six of the 12 episodes will feature a segment called "Pajama Talk" discussing important life changing topics.

Taliba Morgan in explaining how the idea came about said, "it was like a download from the Universe. It came to me as I was sitting on the sofa with my children. I knew that two of my sisters, Una and Sandra were interested in working with me on some sort of level and it took time for it to be revealed to me what project it should be hence, the saying 'divine timing' I called them up told them the idea and the rest is history." 

As for Sandra Morgan, her reason for participating in the show is simple, "Family plus Love" adding that working with her sisters will draw them closer as well as help build a strong sisterhood.  "We have always had a wonderful relationship with each other, but being able to laugh, cry and celebrate life's milestones with each other is priceless. This isn't something we thought about lightly...we knew this was something we just had to do not just for us but for our children."

In her explanation Una said, "Taliba knowing my health journey, called me one morning and asked if I would consider being a part of this with my other sisters. I hesitated at first, due to my recovery," but considering she had time off eventually agreed, "lets put it  to good use! she told her sister, "I love to talk and this was excellent way to let my inner journalist out."

The women believes their "AHWTM" talk show will be a success because of strong family bonds, "..we're four sisters and amazing personalities....even when we have our disagreements the love we have for each other always work it out and all of that." Viewers will get a chance to see the ladies varying personality traits and general family interaction throughout the series and especially when 'hot topics' are discussed

"I believe what will set up apart is the fact that we are sisters from a big family having something to say. We are international women ambassadors and we will not keep any topic off limits especially if it has anything to do with women empowerment. We want when people watch this show, they walk away learning something about life they never knew." Una. The "AHWTM' series premieres this summer.


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mama I Love You

"There's no love like a mother's love.." Karl Morrison (A Big Dreams Production) Happy Mother's Day to every mother out there!

Mothers Day Special 


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Ketch Up - 'Work' Goes Platinum; Serani Got A Piece Of 'Views' Plus More

Rihanna's Dancehall hit single "Work" has now been certified 3x Platinum by the RIAA. The Barbadian Pop Star shared the news with fans on social media and thanked her 'navys' for their support. The single continues to dominate charts across the world.

Popcaan did not make Drake's "Views" album but Dancehall did, and along with a sampling of Serani "No Games' Marsh's voice on a track called 9.  According to reports, Serani said Drake's team followed proper recording rights procedure by contacting his manager prior to the album's release on April 29. It is reported that the album sold over 600,000 copies the day after it was released, has now crossed the 1 million mark in U.S. sales and nearly 1.2 million globally including digital tracks and streaming album equivalents and has been streamed over 250 millions times worldwide in its first week of release. "Views" the fourth studio album released by the 27 year old Canadian rapper is expected to bow at #1 on Billboard Top 200 in North America according to reports.

In the face of 'bitta blood and backlash' involving Jamaicans in other Caribbean islands, Greg 'My Dream' Nesbeth made front page news on Barbados Daily Nations newspaper May 2nd after performing on the island. The artiste alongside Chronixx, Richie Spice and Natural Blacks performed at Reggae On The Hill. The overall reception for the Jamaicans by the Barbadians were reported to be very good.

Summer Tours
Protoje announce US Tour and drops new video for OVA. According to The Fader, Protoje plans to perform all around the United States this summer starting his 'Ancient Future Tour' July 6th and wrap up a month later on the west coast. Mr Vegas also announced his 'This Is Dancehall' US Tour commencing May 27th through to June 18th.

Assassin aka Agent Sasco has graced the cover of Panache, a Jamaican award-winning
Caribbean Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle magazine that tells Caribbean lifestyle stories and inspires, empowers and celebrates rich island culture. 

The RIAA Facts and Research reveal that in 2015, vinyl LPs (a music format many believed would have gone extinct with the introduction of digital music), sold 416 million copies.

Music Quote:.."music is driving economic activity and digital commerce. Yet, in terms of value being returned to its creators and investors, music is massively undervalued." ~Frances Moore, CEO ifpi~


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Peter Tosh New Cannabis Company and Museum To Be Launched Soon

In the year since announcing the date April 20 celebrated 4/20 as the official, International Peter Tosh Day, the family of the famed reggae artist and human-rights activist have taken major steps to enable the world to experience Peter's music and social views. To that end, the family is proud to announce it is launching Peter Tosh 420, a company with a mission to organically grow the Peter Tosh legacy by providing quality cannabis products for medicinal power, spiritual enlightenment and recreational enjoyment.

Peter Tosh 420 is a new venture being formed by the family of Peter Tosh, music and entertainment industry veteran Brian Latture, and cannabis industry leader Steven Trenk of Lizada Capital, LLC. Peter Tosh 420 is poised to capitalize on the current legalization movement.

"We are very excited to be partnering with Steven Trenk, who brings a wealth of experience and immediate industry credibility to our cause," said Mr. Latture, who manages the Peter Tosh brand and is Chief Executive Manager of the new venture, PT Capital, LLC.

Mr. Trenk, who was an early pioneer investor in the legal cannabis space, agreed, adding "There are few names more synonymous with the Cannabis industry than that of Peter Tosh. I am just thrilled to be partnering with Peter's family to take a marquee brand like Peter Tosh, who was literally the Godfather of the legalization movement, and spreading his message through Peter Tosh 420. The opportunity to work with the family of this great musician, who dedicated his life to human rights, represents a great honor for Lizada and myself."

"This venture is not just about business, it is about spreading my fathers's message of equal rights and justice, while bringing what he believes was a sacred herb to the world and doing good deeds in the process." said Niambe McIntosh, the Administrator of her father's estate, and President of PT Capital, LLC.  

Proceeds from sale of Peter Tosh 420 products will be donated to the Peter Tosh Foundation, which will be administered by his family. "We want Peter Tosh 420 to be a global force for doing good work, as we collectively believe my father would have wanted. We will support such issues as childhood education, social justice, equal rights, cannabis legalization, and other humanitarian causes," McIntosh continued.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Peter Tosh's first solo album and his cannabis anthem "Legalize It." "We believe history is on our side, and when we tell the story of Peter Tosh, new generations throughout the world will embrace him as a prophet and the true Godfather of the legalization movement," commented Mr Latture. He continued, "We also believe Peter's legacy, along with our commitment to his words and music will endear a new generation of true believers in his mission, and will make Peter Tosh 420 very successful. We are not just starting a company, we are starting a movement." The Peter Tosh Museum will be opening October 19, 2016 in Kingston, Jamaica.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

5 Dancehall Artistes Who 'Werk' Rihanna's Song

1. Vanessa Bling's handlers have been putting in work on her image, she looks brand new. Her version of Rihanna's "Work" sounds right. Her melodious voice is on point and the clarity is awesome.  Vanessa Bling in our view is the complete package for the international market. Check out her track call "Worse"

2. The artiste Beniton aka Jack Frost go hard on his version of 'Rihanna's 'Work' an Instagram remix that went viral check it out click

3. Next up is Elephant Man these artiste dont stop they keep work! work! Work! in full view and of course some "Weed! Weed! Weed! (the name of his remix) comes with the territory. Ele came out swinging on this remix and the fans seems to like it a lot what do you think? listen

4. Ain't for the drama at all, that aside, got to give it to Shauna Chin's clear vocals and effort, homegirl siddung pon di riddim like a lizard pon a limb for her remix ft. Supa Hype check it out "Work remix by Shauna Chin ft. Supa Hype"

5. Although not an official remix Vybz Kartel's fans were not about to leave him out of this viral remix frenzy of Rihanna's Billboard hit and used up some potent Kartel lyrics, a reminder why both the 'Teecha' and his favourite genre stays relevant inspite of Listen 


Friday, April 29, 2016

Popcaan Did Not Make Drake's Highly Anticipated 'VIEWS' Album

Although widely speculated that he would have, Popcaan did not make Drake's highly anticipated fourth studio album, VIEWS. The collaboration on which he was featured entitled, "Controlla" was leaked online ahead of the official release of the 20 songs tracklist and might have been the reason why the artiste was bumped off. 

Although Dancehall and the Jamaican culture are prominent on many of the albums released by a major Hip-Hop/POP artiste over the last year, no Jamaican hardcore Dancehall artiste has been able to penetrate the US market in like manner as Sean Paul. Needless to say the artistes are not making the type of music that appeals to the market because we see elements of what both artistes and dancers create, copied and used in its original state on popular tracks and music videos. Dancehall slangs, punchlines, rhythms, style, choreography, and culture has become a phenomenon among Pop, RnB and Hip-Hop music, but Dancehall artistes and dancers are not. 

Popcaan and Drake seems to be fans of each other. Drizzy have even been heard repeating familiar 'Popcaan slangs.' But while Popcaan #VIEWS @Drake on his twitter page some fans of the Dancehall artiste were not pleased and went in on Drizzy on social media for excluding Pappy off the the album. At this time it's still not known why Popcaan was left off the album or if, he was even considered in the first place.


Monday, April 25, 2016

A Guide To Facebook Live Video For Musicians

By Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0: is about to the "next big thing" on the platform, and it seems like it will be a boon for artists and bands wanting to engage with their fans on the service.

Since it's so new, you may not be sure of exactly what Live is and what it will do. Here are some facts about the service from the FB Live Page.
  • What is Facebook Live? Live lets people, public figures and Pages share live video with their followers and friends on Facebook.
  • Live is available to all Pages and profiles on Facebook for iOS, Android, and Facebook Mentions. There will be a red icon at the top left-hand corner of the video indicating that it is a live video. The word "Live" is written next to the icon, along with the number of current viewers.
  • The video will be published to the Page or profile so that fans and friends who missed it can watch at a later time. The broadcaster can remove the video post at any time, just like any other post.
  • Videos will appear in News Feed and on the broadcaster's Page or profile while they are live. Once a broadcast has ended, live videos are eligible to show up everywhere that other videos appear.
  • Live videos are more likely to appear higher in News Feed when those videos are actually live, compared to after they are no longer live.
  • You can apply control and customization settings to the video on the broadcast after it has ended if you're a Page.
  • Live broadcasts can last up to 90 minutes.
  • People can discover live videos right in News Feed. To get notified when certain a broadcaster goes live, tap the "Live Subscribe" button on the top of a live video to get notified when that person or Page goes live again. People who frequently engage with or have recently interacted with a person or Page going Live may receive a notification.
  • You need a strong signal before going live. WiFi tends to work best, but if you can't find a nearby network, you'll want a 4G connection. To check you internet speed ahead of time, download the Speedtest app from the App Store or Google Play
Just like natively uploaded videos, Live videos will rank higher in news feeds and more of your followers will see it, so it's very useful tool for engagement.

Source: Music 3.0 Music Industry

Thursday, April 21, 2016

50 Years Since Haile Selassie I Visited Jamaica

Ras Tafari community and others acknowledges the auspicious visit to Jamaica of King Of Kings of Ethiopia, Elect Of God, Negusa Nagast Haile Selassie I 50 years ago April 2, 1966. 

"This your first visit to Jamaica is one of, your Majesty, a most important and significant event. We have long hoped for this occasion and your presence with us today is assuredly your Majesty, a high point in our history" ~ Acting Prime Minister Donald Sangster. The Emperor presented 'gold medallions' to Rastafarians.

Haile Selassie I - "The legend... One of the world best known figure and faces and one that most of us knew least about....Father figure of modern Africa in relic of a vanishing world.... One of the last claimants to the divine right of Kings, the legendary descendant of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba"...more