Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sativa D Black1 Straight Out of Linstead St. Catherine Strong Message To Child Molesters

Influenced by the likes of Capleton, Sizzla and Bounty Killer, Sativa D Black1 brings strong vocals, playful lyrics and charisma to fans of Jamaican music. He was a contender in the 2012 Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition where he came up with the name 'Sativa' a word used to describe 'high energy marijuana' and 'D Black1' an extension that distinguish himself from another female artist also of the same name.

One tough performer who hails out of the Parish of St. Catherine where he became known for his football skills as a Forward, stepped away from his playful, storytelling style to address child molesters....

Sativa D Black1 has release and record numerous songs over the year namely, 'No AK', 'Elders' produced by Hungry Mouth Production, 'Know Jah' produced by Wade Wade Productions. and more recently his more popular tracks, "Petty Thief" on the YGF Recording label, and "Ungrateful" the first official single off his soon to be released 2017 EP produced by his management company CharmB Productions.

Sativa D Black1 performs next at the Rockabesa Herb and Music Festival February 18 in St. Mary. 


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Crime Well Dread Lets Face It; Can Our Music Make It Better?

One of the most loved Caribbean island is hemorrhaging from the effects of violent crime and many, especially women have expressed fear, not only for their lives but the lives of their children. Many artistes over the years have expressed through music their own views and concerns about this problem as it continue to linger, one such is Sophia Squire. 

During her formative years, the Spanish Town based, mother of two, gained notoriety as a solo act after the release of the hard hitting track, Ra-Ta-Ta-Tat that echoes the cry of the people affected by the crime monster, "everyday its the same will it change." A long standing, existing problem of gun fighting in Jamaica confronted by a concerned citizen, mother and artiste who opted to Offer some words of wisdom to perpetrators saying, "wise up and realize that di system nah go work wid you bad vibes." But her plea seem to have fallen on deaf ears as less than a decade later that very problem not only still exist but have escalated.

Sophia Squire is just one of many advocates to speak on these issues offering her own interpretation of what could be the root cause of an escalating problem along with some words of advise here and there. But for some unknown reason many of these songs seems to have failed at seem catching the attention of the authorities looking to quell the problems they face. As the years go by, the artistes continue to sing and illustrate their concerns visually, relentless in their efforts to get messages out, "we can't take it nuh more" Sophia Squire sings on another track called, "Love Like Rain" in which she seek to spread a message of love and unity as a solution to the problem. Her voice, her song and her messages are reflective of a common cry among affected families. Was any attempts made to curb the problem? Yes, of course, several as a matter of fact, but never a systematic process proven to reduce crime in the long term.

Imagine having to watch your children leave home each morning for school while you spend the rest of the day worrying if they will return. Imagine being told that your daughter has gone missing or your son was stabbed to death while travelling home from school for his cell phone.  Imagine living in a society where every single home is grilled from top to bottom and as if not enough wired with security cameras and guarded by fierce dogs, even when one cannot afford such luxury. 

"Yow mi nuh know whey fi do nuh more" resonates with many frustrated women who are unable to provide for the family and having to worry about their children's safety. It is this type of frustration that leads to desperate measures.  This is the problem a nation face, how can the issues resolve? What can the people do to end the violence? Are we listening to each other?  Do we love and care about each other? Why are we hurting our women and children? What about our moral values, are they indicative of what we expect of our leaders?  As we recognize black history month we are privilege to have had among us great people of whom have bestowed on us guidelines from which we can use to navigate ourselves toward a better future and artistes like Sophia Squire who continue to lend their voices to current issues. The way forward is coming together and work toward reducing crime in Jamaica Land We Love! 

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure" ~Nelson Mandela~

Sophia McKay

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Black History - Reggae an optimistic answer to years of oppression

Marcus Garvey - "Never forget that intelligence rules the world and ignorance carries the burden. Therefore, remove yourself as far as possible from ignorance and seek as far as possible to be intelligent."  

Ariana Westbrook - In the late 1970s, Jamaica was going through difficult times both politically and economically. These conditions inspired reggae as the new genre of music, reggae.  Reggae is said to be an optimistic answer to the numerous years of oppression Jamaica has experienced. Its upbeat melody was intended to lift the spirits of the povert stricken and oppressed. At the beginning of its time, reggae caused much controversy because of its reference to politics and religion; its philosophical and opinated lyrics caused a worldwide dissemination ....more

Reggae music is a legacy bestowed on us and it is an excellent tool against crime and media to educate youths especially now when a whole new generation is driven by social media and vulnerable to losing it's identity.  Many reggae artistes are in the business to make money and loose their way through desperate attempts to obtain it. But the authentic reggae soldier enjoys his/her work, reaps the benefit of longevity and live as king or queen in his or her own right. 

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Bounty Killer/Ninja Man Called Upon By The Jamaican Government To Give Motivational Speech

"To abandon fact is to abandon freedom. If nothing is true then no one can criticize power because there is no basis upon which to do so." ~Timothy Snyder~

Bounty Killer - "The mother and the parent of crime is poverty."

Ninja Man - "First stage of cleaning up crime is to make your police force independent"


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What Happens When 'Busy Signal' Touch Down in New York?

Hot 97 with Funk Master Flex nuh good again.....Hot head! Busy Signal got really busy on Hot 97 showing off why he is recognized as one of the best Dancehall has to offer.  Don't just watch the video be sure to read the comments which in my opinion is all good!

Monday, January 2, 2017

10 Best of 2016 Reggae Goodies

The year 2016 have come and gone with some reggae/dancehall music selections with it. Thank God for the internet where even though the industry suffers, fans still has access to the music they love. We are grateful that some of our favourite acts blessed us with some very good music that will continue to impact our lives throughout this new year. Some will possibly be played for a very long time to come. Here are some of our choices, what are yours?

Jah Cure - Rasta 

Morgan Heritage - Selah

Junior Gong - Nail Pon Cross

I-Taweh - Never Fade

Queen Ifrika - Ask My Granny

Sophia Squire - Love and Conflict

Etana - How Long

Nesbeth - My Dream

Chronixx - Majesty

Cali P ft. Capleton - Dem Ago Burn Up


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2017

As we look forward to a New Year our hope is that new developments within our businesses, communities and household embodies respectability, love, dignity, peace, generosity, inspiration, innovation, fulfillment, enjoyment, oneness and a stronger desire to serve GOD.

Love yourself because it is only with understanding of how to love oneself, that one can love another.

Thanks to everyone who visited this blog please continue to do so and remember you can send us your questions or comments at newimagepromo@gmail.com.
One Love!

~Sophia McKay~